I wasn't able to fall asleep last night so I finally got around to a mini-project I had in mind, a strong-shouldered fringe dress. Of course, my boyfriend just had to wake up before sunrise, perfect timing to see me sitting in the dark feverishly sewing shoulder pads and fringe onto a dress. Love is about accepting minor episodes of insanity.

Some readers have already asked me how I got the shoulder pads and fringe on. First, I placed the shoulder pads where I wanted them on the dress. After pinning them in place, I sewed them down. I then placed fringe around the seam between the shoulder and sleeve, pinned it down and sewed. Add more fringe further down the sleeve for more volume.

Hopefully that all made sense. This brings to mind a silly picture I saw online titled "How to draw a chicken". Step 1 was to draw a circle for the head and another for the body. Step 2 was an exquisite, spot-on, anatomically-correct, pencil sketch study of a chicken. Haha. Hopefully this is making sense!

SO GORGEOUS! what a beautiful silhouette you've created! I really really want one of these *dies*

Too bad i'm terrible with DIY *ug*

<3 love it!

This is one DIY I would love love to try !! Thanks for all the tips and instructions! heeee Any questions,I'll ask you :)

And the final result with the dress on you is beautiful .

Awwwww man,it's okay more giveaways to come ! I'm excited <3

Re:Thanks girl ! You're really so sweet,glad you liked the video. Agreed that it makes a blogger and their readers feel more personal. That's true. And a slight british accent ?? Nahhhh. hahaha

The dress looks amazing with the modified shoulders! Great job :)

the dress fits you so well!
so envious of your diy skills..i don't have the patience to do that, though it's an effect i very much enjoy.

You are so freakin' beautiful, and I love this DIY, too :)

I'm going to have to try this!
Looks great!

Are you ever gonna do a feature on the talented person who photographs you? (or the talented tripod, maybe?) -- your backdrops and context, and the angles they create in the composition, are awesome. www.shoeyorkcity.com

sooooooooooooooooooo good

You're amazing, very talented! Loving the blog and the DIY tips x

Always love your DIY project !!


can't believe you did this too! this was suppose to be my next post! love it on you xoxox