Remember that I made this bracelet a few months ago? I actually had leftover materials from that project and made a second one (shown above) that's just been sitting around on a table in the closet. I'm giving this one away, so don't be shy, say hi and I'll select a recipient.

Since people have asked me how I make some of my pieces, I'll also throw in a tip. It's not hard and you don't need much equipment either. Originally I thought I had to solder everything together, but a quick alternative is cold welding. I hopped over to the hardware store, had a conversation/debate on cold welding materials and epoxies with the salesperson and walked out with JB Weld. Sure, it's not as strong and durable as the almighty solder, but given its ease of use and economy, it's a pretty darn good option.

Also, according to the packaging it's good for "mechanics, farmers, and homeowners". You know, make some bracelets, fix a tractor axle.

Ahhhhhhh,I want this so badly !! Ohhhh man,it's so beautiful :)) I missed the 1st one, but do hope I could have that !

And cold welding is a cool tip girl ! Thanks alot for sharing ~


Ooohhh... Thanks for the tip! Do you think this would work if I bought some leather loafers and attempted to make a poor man's version of the Louboutin "rollerball" studded loafers?! That would be hot.

(I came across your blog while browsing chictopia and I'm so glad I did! Definitely a daily read for me :-)

Sophia, I love your DIYs! The "Givenchy" project was great! So simple, but worked amazingly! Love the bracelet too! Tough love is my fave look for fall :) Great blog!

i love your bracelets! such great DIYS :]
i saw your blog through chictopia too, you have such a sweet, fresh face, your style is amazing !! ^___^

Wow now that's a DIY! The bracelet looks great! I found your blog through chictopia too, and I'm so glad I did! You're fabulous :)


those bracelets together look soooooooooooo badass. i always secretly wish that i'd get one of your crazy amazing DIYs :/

Love the bracelets! Going to have to make one for myself....wonder if my bf would let me use his welding equipment??? haha. probably not!

Oh man, both bracelets are killer.

Yes, I love red bean in sticky rice! Do you like the one with red bean inside rice cake as well?

oooooooo such cool bracelets!! love your DIYs. you always make the nicest stuff in ways that i NEVER thought anyone could make stuff!! So smart sophia so smarttttt. ahh i also wish i could win one of your DIY items but you'll probably wont even wanna send to hk ): sooo far ):

Really like this bracelet. The porcupine spikes, the proportion of them, so that they almost interfere with the movement of your fingers but don't by just a wee bit, is so cool. I've done some DIY but it's a bit more conceptual and not really wearable (like a shoe out of cigarettes, which is over on Anyway, nice to find you, really lovely composition on the photos too.

Thanks for the tip, ur DIY are always so inspiring!! Jasna xxx

Did u get me email btw, about my blog?

ahmazing, so pretty. love them both & thanks for the lovely tip :)
enjoy your day lady.

wow. I also went here from Chictopia and your si...

I also went here from Chictopia and your site is totally going to be one of my daily reads.

I am always so amazed at your creativity! Your DIYs are so amazing but sadly i am located in Australia.

I want to try some of your DIY projects so much but alas Austalia has no good craft shops. I went looking for some studs once to no avail!!

In the meantime i'll just admire your beautiful art =)

OHH ! That bracelet is just amazing ! I reaaaaaaaaaally love ! please send it to me!! If Australia doesn't have any good craft shops image Portugal... here it's almost jungle.. we don't have anything :'(... you could you send it to me that i will certanly take good care of it and e-mail yoou photos of it everyday :) and since i also have a blog it would appear there as marketing to your amazing and lovely DIY's! Oh i wish i had it, and imagine how good it would fit in my wrist in the jungle :) !!

Lot's of love

P.S- Please make more DIY's! you're such a good crafter

(not wanting to be a pain in the hole)i just have to say it one more time, I LOVE IT !!

will you marry me, cute little bracelet...?
anyway, Sophia, I sent you an email to propose your baby.. :)

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I looooove those bracelets!! That's so awesome that you made them! Yesterday, I spent a long time going through your entire blog, and I must say that you are such an inspiration! I love when people do different things with their clothes and you are so very creative!

I am really loving this look, and the bracelet is no exception! I also really dig the packaging on the welding materials.

I would first like to say how creative you are in terms of fashion and your diy skills. =)If only I could make something as beautiful with my own two hands lol. Keep up the good work and keep posting!

LOVE the bracelet- and outfit ^^'

Quite love this ! I'd love to win ! Please please me !
Kisses from Paris,
x x x

wow! its gorgeous:) you wear it well, whoever is receiving is going to be very happy!

xx raez

Hi. Your bracelet is drop dead gorgeous.

I would die if I got it. I might never need another piece of arm candy again. Give it to a loving home (mine).

I absolutely adore this bracelet!
Its, rock&roll, elegant and chic.
Thank you for your talent and the inspiring mini-project of your.

so in love with your blog! Pictures are adorable, and you're very crafty!