Just a simple look for running errands in the neighbourhood. This hooded black vest had been in my closet for years. When i first received it as a gift I remember wondering, “well, this is kind of a dud. When am I going to wear this?” Of course, a few years later, I love it and can imagine wearing it over all kinds of dresses to add a touch of tough chic. Now I'm into full blown hood obsession and eyeing this.
i loooove it. i think i asked you before but are those the F21 cynthia vincent wedges??? probably not right..you probably have some secret awesome shoe store that you buy from hahahaha.
still loving the headband...soooo coool sophia!!

cant get enough of the headband

i love hoods! i feel like they make everything look so much more interesting <3 i recently bought a huge-hooded vestthing (i do have a way with words) and i only stopped wearing it because i was wearing it too excessively. the oak hooded poncho is absolute LOVE, thanks for sharing! oh, and am in total agreement with the poster above me-- that headband is amazing and i'm absolutely envious of your diy-ing skills

i have a hood obsession too. when i get my first paycheck i think i'll get something from complex geometries or oak.

Oh my those shoes, the BULK it adds to the end of your slim (e to the nvy) legs... your errands outfit kills me, feels like I need to do better than hoodie and tracksuit when I do mine...

that color is absolutely divine on you!

this look is effortlessly wonderful :]!

I love that hooded poncho you're eyeing, it'd look really great on you!

Gorgeous outfit!

i like your simplicity!

I love your hooded vest. What a cool and laid back oufit!

The hooded vest is just what I need !! I always look hoods,but thought they were too dud like you said.

But seeing you here,I want one so so bad! Ahhhhh.I love love the dress and those shoesssss.You're always so beautiful <3

another great look !


i love your shoes and adore your diy projects:)




you are so gorgeous ! i love the whole outfit :D

Great style! Those shoes are amazing

I have the same shoes! Proabably one of the best shoes Forever 21 has ever pumped out. :)

I think I'm in love with your shoes!

You and your blog are wonderful

Love the outfit, and your hair...is amazing. I can't seem to grow mine out quite that long, any secrets?

Love your blog miss. www.littlebambiboots.blogspot.com