It was one of those weekends where neither my boyfriend nor I could sit still. We talked about happiness and what it meant to us. We talked about what made us happy. Upon finishing the conversation we hopped in the car and drove. We had no plan but decided on Providence. As we were heading into the city we drove past a region of desolate warehouses. It was a weekend and there was absolutely no one around which only added another layer of eeriness to the place. It was quiet, grungy and perfect. As I started walking around I noticed that the air reeked heavily. I freaked out not being able to identify the stench. My boyfriend, just in time, told me it was a poultry factory and meatpacking area. Phewww, because my imagination had already started to wander in the direction of the movie Hostel.

Anyway, the next couple of days will be a little hectic. I'm in the middle of DIYs, both figuratively and literally (I'm squashed between all my supplies on my couch as I type this), but can't exactly show them on here until November because it's for a magazine (details will come)! It's exciting news and I'm looking forward to sharing with all of you what I've been attempting to make (or destroying).
where are your shoes from?! perfect day timers

"Upon finishing the conversation we hoped in the car and drove"

I'm the same - hope the car will start, hope it won't break down, hope I won't run out of petrol. :)

@James haha, that's awesome. mostly we "...
haha, that's awesome. mostly we "hopped," but we did some hoping too. man, spell check isn't too useful, eh?

btw, checked out the black milk store. the tights are hot!

love your photos, they're beautiful. can i ask what camera you use?

can't wait to see the magazine!

beautiful photos. i can't wait to see what youre making! i'm sure it'll be fabulous

oh god, your style is so perfect. i especially love this casual comfy look. i love it!

LOVE this outfit :)

Lovely outfit! You style is perfect. So chic. Your day sounds like the kind of day I need in my life - thought-provoking and different. x

Magazine! Very exciting :D

I love the hint of brown in your outfit <3

perfect fall outfit <3 also, i adore your shoes. have fun with your diys!! i can't wait to see them :)

I love this! The layers are so beautiful - perfect colors for fall. Oh and I love your shoes.

I'm new to your blog and I am in lovvee with it! You have fantastic style. i love the layers here, so cute! I'm officially a follower :)


ahhh! so cool that you get to do a diy for a magazine. i looove diy. you should check out the sweater beanie tutorial that i just blogged about! =]

oh gosh sophia great outfit as usual. cant wait to see you DIY!! so lucky that you're going to be featured in a magazine!

très cool.

I love your style!

Omg the shoes are fabulous ! where did you get them ?


cool photos and layering - the black, brown and blue are unexpectedly great together. can't wait to see those diy's!

ahh.. i am very much into drapes and layers (though the weather here is too humid to wear those). love your outfit.
make some pretty fugly creepers! hehe.

wow. you look amazing!

simple & just completely fantastic

i'm inspired

casual and chic, gorgeous photos!

caaan't wait to see your new DIYs and the magazine feature :D

scary place:) but you looked great


jean colour is perfect!

Big apologies girl ! Computer at work sucks,even now banning my own blog and I can't see:(

Missed you a whole lot:) Yet another gorgeous outfit. The layering going on here is perfect,love your scarf and those sunnies <3 <3

And a meatpacker factory ?!! Ughhhh,yucky. heeee

I know your DIYs are going to be so so perfect .

I like your outfit especially the top. You look very chic.

You look pretty. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day with your boy friend. This really made me jealous, I wish I have one. Someone I can talk about almost everything about what’s on my mind.

So pretty, I love this.