The lovely Chel and MJ over at Let's Live Fast interviewed me for their October Style Spotlight. If you're into reading babble, what I'm listening to on my iPod, my style inspirations, and the such, head over there! Their layout design is also exquisite. My personal favourite is that I look like I have super powers floating above a shimmering green amorphous backdrop. LOVE IT. Thank you Chel and MJ. Big kisses.

Finally, if you're feeling that the blog has been a little dormant lately, it's because you're a keen individual and you're very right. I've been involved with DIYs here and there (I have some news regarding this one very soon) and some new ideas. Lots of exciting things are in store. I can't wait.
I just read your interview! It was amazing! Congrats on that :) Do you mind me asking what you are studying at school? You said you took physics at one point. I remember attempting physics back when I was a Biology major, but physic and me just don't see eye to eye.

Oh and I gave you an award!

you look amazing! congrats =]

CONGRATS! going to read your interview. i absolutely LOVEE ur style! its so perfect :)


love this outfit of yours, and i'm heading to read your interview right now because i DO like reading about my fave bloggers =)

Congrats girl on the feature ! And I've read the interview :) Woohoooo ! Loved loved what you said and enjoyed reading it <3

And you're my DIY go to person !!!

Congratulations! You truly deserve it, and much much more! You are fierce, girl!

The interview about you sounds very interesting thanks for posting a link to that website you talked about.

Reading this really made me very curious about the interview. Thanks for the links!

Great interview! They picked just the right girl, and I'm sure we will be hearing great things from you in the future as well!!