I've developed a bit of a shoe obsession lately. I never thought I'd be one of those "shoe people." Tragically (to my bank account), however, I have fallen victim. And these Miu Miu mirror platforms are one of my recent purchases to prove this. They add the perfect touch of girliness to any outfit. Finally, I leave you with this epic photograph.

Wasn't that fantastic? Thought not.
Man, those are beautiful - the mirrored platform makes me think of them like Acne Atacoma's fiesty kid sister.

Oh my, the shoes are beautiful. And you're just a lovely character for the camera.

Fantastic, yes!

& don't worry, every fashionable person is "a shoe person", some are just in denial.


those shoes are incredible!

i really like your face.. it is pretty soft.. and nicee!!

Your shoes are sooo cute!! definitely worth the splurge. love the whole look! I'm so happy I am under your blog list too. Will be adding yours to mine since it is one of my faves! :)



sooooo cute. they're especially awesome in this post because the gravel from the floor reflects off your shoe :D
i know what you mean but never really thinking you'd be a "shoe person" but somehow..becoming one hehehe

very, very fantastic!! you are adorable :D

what, no close-up shot of the shoes?

mirrored platform... i love it, theyre beautiful!

great blog! I love your style!

Brilliance achieved!

I'm not a big shoe person but I do understand shoes are the most important piece, besides comfort and aesthetics, will give away some info about its owner ;)

Oh what a stunning outfit,dear!!!!To die for :)

great mix. your style is amazing and so casual. perfect.

thank I didn't know where I could buy it.

They're beautiful. Cute outfit also. I want your hair!

Cute shoes!!

x ws x

ahhh miu miu platforms. im drooling and crying (cus they don't make shoes in my size) at the same time lol.


love me some mirrored platforms... especially some miu miu mirrored platforms!
i feel like all your pictures are taken not far from my old apartment in the south end... I miss it!:)

your face is such pretty & i'm pretty into your outfit, it remembers me of one of chloe s. outfits, only your shoes are too pretty ;)

the shoes are indeed fantastic !

hahaha gorg outfit adore the shoes, adore the over...
gorg outfit
adore the shoes, adore the overall minimalist look


You're gorgeous!!


Those mirror platforms are incredible!!!! Awesome outfit too, love the dark palette.


Haha, you are so cute! Love the shoes, as I am (and will always be) a shoe girl <3

Love love your shirt dress and I adore those heeels ! So so beautiful and gorgeous :)

omg omg sophia where did you get themmmmm?? they're not current season are they?? I've been dying for a pair of mirrored/reflective ages for agesss and those are everything i love: miu miu and maryjane!!! what a great find :D