So you know you're a dork when your 3am study break is posting a new blog entry and pictures on Chictopia. Anyway, my Jil Sander's have finally made their blog debut! I've had these Jil Sanders sitting in my closet for some time now and have only whipped them out on some special occasions. I wish I could leave them permanently attached to my feet but the platform is ridiculous that whenever I wear them I'm the same height as my 6'2" boy. He loves them because, consequently, we can talk eye-to-eye, but it doesn't change the fact that I look freakish and my feet appear bigger than my head! Silly self deprecation aside, these pictures are for a small magazine feature of a DIY dress. I've received permission to post them here so you lovely readers can have a sneak peek before the issue is out November. I'll post more details once it's out. This DIY is unbelievably easy that I'm a little ashamed that it's one of the 3 DIYs they're including, but I figured it was good to mix it up a bit and not make all 3 DIYs seizure inducing-ly difficult.

You'll need:

- plain black dress (hint: I bought mine from Target's maternity section. You'll get more fabric to slice up creating a heavier pile of shreds)

- scissors


1. Put your dress on and measure off where you want your shreds to end. I made my slits end mid-thigh, but the choice is up to you.

2. Make a mark with tailor's chalk (or just eyeball) where you want to cut.

3. Take the dress off, lay it flat, and fold the dress straight across where you've marked it.

4. Take your scissors and cut straight up from the hem to the fold. Depending on how far apart you cut your lines, you'll get shreds of varying widths. I cut my lines 1mm apart.

5. Cut lines until you've circled around the entire hem. You can embellish your shreds with nail heads or studs for some edge.

u r so fashion.i love the outfit and especially these heels!
and i'm so jealous that u have a 2.55

now that you said it's easy i feel compelled to try it.

freakish? never. a vision, yes.

p.s. i love the way you throw the word 'eyeball' around.

What a great diy! Love the idea of getting the dress from the maternity section. And I love the shoes, you look great!

Darling, I just love your style:)! Great DIY work, and I want your Jil Sander's so much, they are perfect! :)

Monika from J'adore Fashion

wow! awesome look and DIY!!

you're too sweet. love it!

yay! i love diy's! =D and yours are always some of my faves

you always look soo cute in your photos :D i like how the fringe of the dress in your photos makes it look like you're layering a lot of things.

oh and btw, that wayne lee stuff is YES!!!!!!!!!!

chic as always! and i love how you made that maternity dress so cute. i think i might try that!

Those heels are amazing!!

I was just about to say that these pictures look like they're from a magazine - haha. So cool that your DIY is getting featured! It is such a simple and cool idea and looks great. Especially in the second picture - wow.

I love the all black against ur pale skin, so pretty!! :)


those shoes are amazinggggggggg. again SUPER jealous of your shoes!!!

Gorgeous as ever!

you are so adorable and classy. p.s. damn you're tall. jealous. p.p.s. cool, your diys are going to be published in a magazine!!! congrats!! <3

I love this so much!

those heels are divine! and the DIY looks pretty cool too. xx

Beautiful all black outfit and those heels are killer hot !! And I don't think it makes your head look bigger at all,it looks fine:)

And yayyy for another DIY project,adding that to my to do list <3

Another genius DIY!

Loving that outfit especially with those shoes I think they go perfectly :)

i love the shoes