I believe this will be one of those outfits I'd pick if someone asks me in the future, "Are there any outfits on your blog that you sorely regret?" Furry oversized sweater, faux leather pants with zippers and faux knee pads and Pleaser fetish shoes to top it all off? Sadly, I loved wearing this and happily hopped down the sidewalks as my boy looked on disapprovingly. What I love most about outfits like this one is how the pieces sound like they couldn't possibly get along with one another. I'm envisioning the furry sweater in one corner of the boxing ring and the Pleaser shoes in the other . . . and only one comes out victorious from the match. However, I'm rather pleased with how playful yet pulled together this outfit turned out. Woot.

And if you're wondering, Pleaser is the same brand that makes exotic dancing boots called "Xtreme" and chaps called "Delight 5000." I wanted a pair of those Marni suede platform mary janes, but I ended up with these instead. Wish for Marni, end up with fetish shoes instead. Story of my life.

Happy early Halloween!

(H&M furry sweater, H&M faux leather pants, vintage leather bucket bag, Pleaser shoes)
Awesome shoes, Sophia! Happy Halloween! :)

No, no, no! This looks ah-mazing! Love the sweater on you! I contemplated the same in a dress version...and didn't have enough guts. You pull it off quite nicely though! Happy Halloween!

The mix of textures here is so amazing! Love that sweater. It looks so soft and fuzzy!


Love this look!

that pullover looks so cosy! fits really nicely with those pants. you look so lovely :)

I love this outfit so much!! the super furry sweater looks awesome with the leather pants and those insane shoes. Great combination, really.
Saved this in my inspiration folder ;)

in love with the sweater and the shoes!


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I love this look! Everything looks great on you.

This Hm fluffy sweater is so cute.

I absolutely LOVE this! It is very unexpected, but the textures and shapes all come together so well. I really want a pair of pants like this.

I'm actually looking for something furry for part of my Halloween costume that I can wear long after Halloween...still looking for it. Even though that H&M top isn't what I need, I'd snap it up in a heartbeat. Too bad I didn't see one yesterday when I went to H&M.

weel, i happen' to think you look amazing the leather pants and the furry top are amazing... as for the shoes, well...


wowwww! this turned out so well, and it's one of my favorite outfits of yours. those could be the best stripper shoes out there.

damn my H&M for not carrying these amazing pieces!

i love your bag, and shoes of course! (:

Adore the fuzzt sweater,its so so gorgeous !! And no way that it looks funny:)

You look so gorgeous ! And I really love those heels you got <3

Nice pants

I highly doubt you'll regret this cause you look amazing. You'll look back at the photos and be like, "Damn, I'm a stone fox. How did I manage to look so good?!".

but my dear, you look absolutely amazing. (you would in a sack). you have the confidence and poise to carry it off.

i'm glad you stood by your outfit even against disapproval. i always admire strong character. there's nothing wrong with going with the flow of course, but having your personality shine through, just beautiful.

YES Ive been DYING for those Marni shoes ever since I saw them on Alexa butttt i asked the Marni store here in HK and they've never even seen them or heard of them...maybe I should print a pic out to show them -.- but ugh i doubt i'll be able to get them here ): *SAD PUPPY*

yes yes i love mixing textures too!
anddddd leather pants actually look alright on you! ;)))))

love the furry+leather. will try this out as soon as i find the perfect furry mohair vest. and love the pleaser shoes - they remind me of the (in)famous Viv Westwood "sex" shoes!

those pants are awesome.

I LOVE YOUR SHOES!!! UGH and the top so cozy comfy is it as warm and snuggly as it looks?

hope you had a lovely halloween!!! <3 hope schools going well and hope you're staying well and healthy!
*big hugs*

love your looks always!
PS: those shoes are hot!!!!

your shoes are seriously AHM-MAYY-ZING. Seriously. Gah. Gorgeous!

love it, as usal!

so perfect <3

You have such good style. Everything is so effortlessly chic!

i love this look so much!!!!! thanks so much for inspiring tomorrow's outfit :)

you really know how to look great!

You look so sweet! Love this :) Mon Mode Blog

Beautiful pants! My girlfriend is totally mad at them and, if you were close, you were in serious risk to be robbed! Beautiful!

reading your post and i do believe you are born to be a fashion blogger.