The autumn foliage is the reason why I love living in New England so much. I can never imagine living in a place where there are no seasons. The photographs here were taken on Halloween. We drove out of the city into the suburbs and took a quick pit stop in a park right near my childhood home. I wanted to stay on that field forever! As for Halloween festivities, it was mostly filled with family time, catching up over coffee, and admiring the beautiful day. I'm not exactly a party-goer (despite Halloween being one of my favourite holidays), so it was the perfect way to enjoy an exceptionally pretty Saturday. I'm also wearing my Pleaser shoes again, sorry sorry, but at least they look better with opaque tights.

Wearing H&M satin top, vintage gold locket, vintage belt, vintage leather shorts, Chanel bag, Pleaser shoes
You're gorgeous!!! Everything you wear looks so effortless! Well done! :-)

these are a beautiful set of photos! i love those pleasers :)

I also couldn't imagine living in a place that has no seasons. I love all seasons - there's something beautiful about all of them. I love leaves and the sun in autumn - you captured it perfectly in your pictures. Beautiful outfit too, it really stands out against the fall background. Those leather shorts are so cool - loove them!

the pictures are so so gorgeous. i love how the pleasers look on you!

This outfit is great for a day out like you had!

those shoes are killer, love 'em !
you look absolutely amazing ♥

Those leather shorts are so delicious. I think I'm officially obsessed with your blog even after one viewing, it's so simple and clean and your style is magnificent.

those shorts are so cute, you have a great blog btw

These are gorgeous pictures! What a beautiful fall day!

These photos are gorgeous! i love ur outfit and scenery is beautiful! :)


gosh dont be sorry about those amazing shoess!! who cares when they look super cool :D

Shoes and Shorts - so great!

So beautiful!

You look stunning! I love these shorts! All the outfit is awesome byn the way..
nice blog!!

hahahah your halloween sounded just as chill as mine. boston always looks so pretty in your pics. can't believe i never went, while I was in new york :/

you are adorable<3

you are seriously too cute! i'm so glad i found your blog!!!
oh i miss new england during this time of the year!

i'm new to blogging and i posted posted a DIY version of alexander wang's poplin white shirt ..hope you can take a looksie! :)

@foy mayyybe this one?
mayyybe this one? but i swear it wasn't intentional!

so absolutely beautiful my love!!

only you can make fetish shoes that classy. amazing photos and style, as always, i especially love photos three and four :)

Adore your crisp white shirt with those shorts and the Chanel bag ! Ohhhh my,heaven !

I'm envious of your bag. heeee And those shoesss are something you pulled off so perfectly:)

amazing blog!

i love your pleaser shoes :) funnily enough, i too have landed up with some weird fetish things in my closet when i ask for balenciaga/chanel. story of my life :P

ooh! those autumn colors are ravenous. especially against the tone of the sky. great photography!

You truly are beautiful, sweetheart - and you look effortless chic, indeed <3 Those shorts look amazing on you - kind of jealous of your legs :p

OMG!!! I am your first fan!!! I am in love with you!!! hahahahaha :D

need eeeeeeeeeeeeverythinggggggg

ps linked you in my latest post :)

Wonderful purse!

You look lovely on this photo.

Gorgeous outfit!

Oh, I love seasons, too. Especially the cold ones :)
I also blogged the prettiness of a Countryside's Autumn, a few days ago ... I love being outside, this time of the year !

Best from Paris,
x x x

absolutely amaazing pics
linked you on my blog xo

i love this crisp, clean look--perfectly appropriate that beautiful fall setting!!
you take care! ;D

you are very cute!!
xoxo from France

I love your style!!! Just added you on my blog roll! <3

cute shorts

I love leather shorts. Im still searching for the perfect pair!