Hello! My name is Sophia. And I haven't blogged in over a week. Bad me.

What have I been up to? Sadly, nothing too grand. Mostly going to classes and seeing patients with much caffeination and lack of sleep thrown somewhere in the mix. I did have some free time though for a one-day trip to NYC, which was both invigorating and exhausting. My friend and I both brought our own DSLRs, which may seem like petty weight but, in reality after hauling it up and down countless blocks from dusk until dawn, is probably a form of cruel and unusual punishment. Of course, NYC is divine as ever. I finally had the chance to stop by Oak on Bond and picked up a General Idea hoodie for my boyfriend. The store is pure art. Monochrome heaven with a monstrous extraterrestrial-like white boulder smack in the middle easily occupying 70% of the store's space. Man, I wish I took photographs. The NYC day trip continued with a whirlwind of H&M's, Zara's, Topshop, Topman, Pixie Market, Uniqlo, fortifying my love of the Meatpacking District, and concluding it with gyros consumption on the street.

The photographs are what I wore a few days back. Apologies for the delay!

Wearing H&M bandage dress, Miu Miu mirror platforms, Forever 21 faux leather jacket, Chanel purse, vintage star print shirt

I'm so jealous of your day in NY! I wish to come back soon.. Love the purse and the platforms!
Welcome back ;)

Looking great, Sophia! Love the pairing of stars and zippers :)

Great outfit!

Those shoes....<3

cute layering :D
mmm i miss new york :( i used to live right by pixie market. other than the awesome stuff they have in there, that store always smells so damn good cause of their candles hehehehhee

Looove this shirt - it looks so pretty on you.
I really want to go to New York to check out all of those cool shops ><.

love the star print shirt, it reminds me of the new Miu Miu collection!


i love this outfit! the platforms are incredible and they go so perfectly with that star shirt! you have such great style!

great outfit, i love the star shirt! sounds like you got a lot done in nyc =)

omg i lovee this outfit so much! the dress and jacket are SO CUTE! :)



Wow! This is a great outfit!

Ohh ! I wish i could go to NYC when i felt like it too but it's so faraway ! I'm glad you had fun sophie ;)!


sounds like a fun day =)
i love every single piece in this outfit! just lovely

that jacket from forever 21 look great on you!

I love love that jacket and its from forever21, wowww !! Its so beautiful and with the star shirt i really love it <3

I've been wanting to buy something from Oak toooo !! But sadly,we dont have it here.
Planning to get a hoodie for my boyfriend too this Christmas <3

love love those shoes


Don't you worry, sweetheart - we'll follow you even if you post once a year <3

Hey,darling you look amazing!!!
I love black,it always looks great!I am your follower now!

you make that F21 leather jacket look so high end. <3


ohh i forgot to ask you in my last comment!

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i love this outfit and the use of monochrome! :)

i read your post regarding the bostonian accent, and i totally agree btw. lol i almost laughed out loud when i first heard it.



Anyways the blouse beneath your leathern jacket is a great combination.


Gosh, your sense of style is perfect! I always look forward to seeing what beautiful outfits you come up with.

that star shirt is genius! i'm very jealous and a little mad that it's vintage :-)

this is such a cute look, the shoes are amazing, I want!

p.s. you should totally get the jc wedges, i'm very happy with them :)

Clothes Are Cute

perfection, as always!

hot azz shoez!

Love this outfit!

Love The Pixies reference!