I was browsing the interwebz this morning, sipping my coffee and twiddling my thumbs. It was a productive morning, because I found my blog featured on Refinery 29. Sure, it's from November 2nd (12 days late noticing this!). It's seriously too neat to find myself in this feature, alongside Kingdom of Style, Park & Cube and Fashion Hurricane.

Check the Refinery 29 DIY piece out!

I'm also using my Twitter account more heavily now. Follow me on Twitter because I want to talk to you!

i also made my own studded bag..btw my sister made it! but it was my idea!! you can see it in my blog!

i dont have to say that i love yours!

I love all these images! PRETTY!


wunderbar set of photos

The Guilty Hyena †

Oh yea I saw that feature. Congrats Sophia!! Always love your DIYs

I've nominated you for the "One Lovely Blog Award"! If you have the time, go check it out on my blog!

Awesome! I wanna make one.

ahhhhh congrats and I'm not surprised at all because your diy's and outfits are amazing!!!! <3 <3

awesome! congrats girl! and i love ur blog so much as well :)


ooo that's great !

Great selection. Really want that bracelet!!

Awesome collage. <3

Gorgeous pictures, love every single on of them!
X, fashion-nerdic.

Hey! Congratulations on your feature! Love all the bloggers! xoxoxoxo

i read that, and it's what led me to your blog! but it was a great post and i adore all of your DIY's=]

hahaha interwebz!
crazy lady! how have you been? hope you had an amazing weekend, you all set for thanksgiving? i'm not ready for the holidays at all! ugh!

I was just going to email you about the refinery29 thing haha so glad you found it I got all excited HOLY CRAP I KNOW HER! haha

LUFF U!!! <3 stay warm!

gorgeous photos!!!!

great photos : ) <3 your blog

I just die !!! those pieces of jewelry are just awesome.. great blog




I love liquid legging,stud,black,lace... and I love this bag.



ohhh amazing inspirational pics ! love love them . the liquid leggings are so cool . love the 4th pic you look gorgeous ! have a nice day dear ! :)

your blog is always overloaded with yummy pictures.

it makes my morning/day/night.


you being on refinery29 is well well well deserved <3

Beautiful beautiful photos here and all its wonder bloggers doing their DIY which is you too! Congrats on your feature too gorgeous :)

i love cocorosa and queen michelle for their DIYS! including you!!
i was inspired myself!