These photos were taken right before I dropped my boy off at a client's and locked my book bag containing my car and house keys, cell phone, wallet and laptop, and Nikon D90 in the back seat of the car. To make matters worse, all said possessions were also spread out on the back seat as if on exhibition for all the lovely passers-by (and other not so lovely ones who could have taken the concept "window shopping" a little too far). My entire life was scattered on the leather back seat as I gazed, rejected, into the window. "So close yet so far away."

At least I had my Zara thigh-highs on for the first time today. The day could still be saved.

Wearing H&M blazer, chiffon shirt dress from Shanghai, Zara thigh-highs, opaque tights
wow, for some reason i never realized how long your hair is until this post!

gorgeous as always. that chiffon shirt is to die for...

oh dear, although you do look beautiful. love the simplicity and class.

well, i'd give my wallet for a pair of thigh-highs right about now! those look so good on you.

i hope you didn't have to wait too long to get all your stuff back!

Once again SO CLOSE YET SO FAR. :( Love those thigh-highs, if I wore them I'd probably have to chop the tops off!

Love the chiffon dress, and those thigh-high boots are stunning!

LOVE this, those boots are so cute! :)


oh no, i hope you got everything back quickly! you look great sophia

Eek! I guess there was a happy ending?

You are wonderful!

lool! Yeah at least that!


love the sleek vibe of this look, & I'm ridiculously jealous of your hair!


Those boots are fabulous!!
You look perfect - this is such a gorgeous outfit (saved it immediately in my inspiration folder ;-).)

perfect, again!

aw man, that sucks...the car situation, not the outfit. those thigh high boots are amazing, I just got some and they're so fun to wear.

sorry to hear about your little mishap! it looks like it all worked out though =)
i do know your pain because once i locked my keys in my car, with it still running! oops, lol.

and this outfit is beyond gorgeous. hello amazing zara thigh highs!

you poor thing! i have a routine where i check about 4 times before closing my door to make sure i have my keys and cell phone haha. but gorrrrgeous outfit.

Ugh I've done that! What sucks is my car auto-locks within a few minutes so if it's in, I'm screwed!

I love your boots! They look awesome!


i love that outfit!! and sorry about your car haha

i love the outfit.. it's brilliant!

so funny what happened with all your things displayed nicely at the backseat of your car. heeee

I love love how this outfit is so simple yet very chic! Love love your shirt dress and also those thigh highs. I'm so envious<3

Love ur style, the shirt dress is amazing.

I bought the same pair I think and they are so comfortable! Your blog is really great and you have wonderful style, I'm glad I came across it. Adding you to my list!



cool boots. i love it with the long white shirt dress and the long jacket or it. so chic.

Love the look! Especially the white shirt dress.

@Anon i have a habit of locking my doors from the...

i have a habit of locking my doors from the inside before leaving the car. not a good thing when you realized your keys were left inside the car :o)