Confession: I've been taking far more outfit photographs than posting them, and I'm starting to understand why that's the case. Simply put, blogging has changed how I think about myself. For the best and for the worst. I've finally become more comfortable with expressing myself in a way that's more true to who I am at my deepest core, but I've also become far more critical. I guess when you take a photograph and are given the chance to look back on it, mull over all its details, deconstruct every little piece, you start asking yourself questions. Questions like, "Does this really convey who I am?" "Is this outfit in good taste?" "What would have I done differently?" And on and on. Too many questions. And so I finally mustered up the courage to post. Anything. Because it's just more fun to be instinctual and genuine.

I've also received emails asking where to buy polka dot tights. I've heard some great things about these and these so check it out.

P.S. I have a heaping load of comments to get back to. I promise I will, because they all make me smile. Forgive me for being so slow?

Wearing vintage dress (from Persephone Vintage which I love x 100), Pleaser shoes, polka dot tights, vintage necklace, vintage leather bucket bag
Very very true about what you said.

oh you rock those heels so well (as always)!!

love the heels with the dress. they elevate the class factor even further. i agree totally, and sometimes i've hesitated posting, only to be surprised by the warm reception by the wonderful community at chictopia.

My sentiments exactly!

I love everything about this outfit, as always! You look incredible!

good point - i agree - blogging does end up being a lot about self-reflection and everything that comes along w/ that.. being instinctive is good =)

love your dotted tights - i tore mine last week, really sad but now i suppose they have that whole 'distressed' look

thankyou! i've been meaning to get some polkadot tights. are the ones your wearing the ones from tabio? flick me a comment about it if you want. thanks

Your dress is just wonderful!

those tights are so cuutee! love everything, do hope you post more! :)))


i love persephone vintage, sophia! :) love the entire ensemble especially the pleasers haha. such a naughty touch.

Gorgeous :). I absolutely adore the Pleasers <3 I've become more critical of what I post (as per outfit posts) now too. You really want to convey the right message!

Love the little black dress with those awesome polkadot tights :)
ooh and i found out yesterday that h&m has them too! :) i'm going to stock up.

sweety you look amazing!So chic!!!
I LOVE this look

you made those pleaser shoes look so wearable,even in daylight! you should take a closeup shot of that necklace, it kinda look amazing from afar :)


Wauw didn't thought your shoes were from Pleaser (since they look like they're made of a soft, vervet-ish fabric).
You look stunning btw! :)

I agree. We are too critical with ourselves .. and here comes the thing .. we have to be critical to evolve but not too much to not fall into pessimism .. do not you think?
Awesome shoes and tights and dress ;))

I love the polka dot tights! I've been eyeing heart ones :)


i totally agree with you, i give way more thought into what I wear since starting my blog, sometimes it drives me crazy but it allows me to get more creative.

you look so pretty in this outfit, the dress is adorable and heels are killer :)

Clothes Are Cute

I'll bet all your photos/outfits look fantastic as usual though :] I rarely post outfits anymore for the same reasons though :/

i love it!

I used to be ALL outfit posts if you go back a ways, they were awful! haha but they really helped me break that ugly duckling feeling of my adolescence even thought i was already 20! I really gained a lot of confidence but i mean i've since stopped posting them becuase well i dont get the same satisfaction from them... so i know how you feel, but i think ur style is fantastic hope you will at least post occasionally... plus if i were to ever start posting again i'd rather my pics look something like yours, very artistic and lovely!

anywho hope ur all prepared for the holidays!!! craziness ugh... lol <3 u tons hope you're well and staying warm!

I dont really comment, but I just wanna say I love your blog. Its a style completely different from mine but impeccable none the less.

I wonder if blogging has - as you say - indeed changed how you look at yourself OR, if it has only changed the way you wish others to perceive you? Putting one's personal photos out in the public sphere is, I think, a curated Public Relations attempt at saying: THIS IS WHO I AM/WANT TO BE TO YOU. You know? It's a delicate balance, I suppose. After all, you (and many bloggers, including myself!) are very measured about *what* we choose to share about our personal lives. (P.S. Great tights!)

great post, i feel similar since starting my own style blog. i always want to go back and delete posts, but then i ask myself, why? it's a good way for me to see how my style is (or is not) evolving.

beautiful outfit. im totally opposite from you. i dont take enough outfit photos at all..and i still end up hating the ones i do take ):

don't ask yourself too many questions, your style is perfect the way it is, and as long as you're confortable with what you're wearing, i'm sure we'll like it too!

Wooooo,I still see you love your pleaser shoes so much! heeeee

Really adore yor dotted tights with the simple black dress,you pulled it off perfectly.

Love your look here!!tha black dress is ideal for Christams occassions..

Love the tights and heels- found your blog through Punky Style. Going to add you to my Boston blogroll- I am a Boston blogger too :)



Excelente look.

I just posted an outfit with my new swiss dot tights. They're just about the cutest accessory to add to an outfit.

I love everything about this look, literally! Lovely blog too :) Mon Mode Blog

Loving the "stripper shoes!!" Where did you ever find them?


lovely shoes, looking fabulous with these shoes