I've always loved this time of the year. Everyone seems to be in motion, shuffling from one location to another, always in transit. I like it when things go by me in a blur. I remember how airports were (and still are) my favourite places to be. The holidays always bring back this feeling of rushed excitement that I constantly crave.

So I packed up today for a visit back home. Without fail, each time I visit my parents, my mom would have small presents for me. It's like she's constantly shopping for me, which I find simultaneously heartwarming and funny. As I dropped all my bags in the foyer, my mom told me to stay where I was as she scrambled to bring a bag of goodies. She shoved a box in my hands. I guess, before I continue with this story, I should bring up an abridged list of 4 fashion-related things I find difficult to tolerate: 1) Uggs, 2) anything Coach, 3) anything pink or purple and 4) LV monogrammed bags. As I opened the box, the first thing I saw was "Coach." Uh oh. I pried away the tissue wrappings revealing a pink, purple and cream coloured Coach leather wallet/planner. Double uh oh. I looked up at my mom with tears of joy and sadness and thanked her. She smiled lovingly. Of course, irregardless of my hate for all things pink and purple and Coach, I'll be using this wallet just because of my undying love to my mother. How could I not? I'd feel way too guilty otherwise.

If you see a girl wearing all black begrudgingly using a pink and purple Coach wallet one of these days, you'll know who she is. Don't laugh. Please say hi.

Question: Have you ever received a gift from your mother that you (sadly) can't stand but use regardless? What was it? Do tell!

Wearing gray tee, H&M cardigan, wool jacket from ages ago, H&M faux leather pants, Zara boots, Chanel bag
hmm usually I tell my mom what to get me :) haha i love this outfit!! <3


Sigh, sadly, I've never received any gifts from my mother other than a pair of sneakers from Payless when I was 12 years old.

The boots are so great for the outfit! They look comfy too :)

OH MY GOD YES. once, my mom got me spongebob invitations for a birthday party i was having. i was young, but not young enough to want spongebob invites. but she could read through me and knew i didnt like them and returned them. haha. so not really the same scale, but i still feel guilty now!

You're hilarious. And yes, my mother is always buying me things even though I tell her not to (b/c usually it's something that I would never ever wear/use yet I don't have the heart to tell her).

First of all, I love how you say you hate Uggs and the girl in the picture behind you is wearing Uggs! hahaha

As for my unpleasant gifts from my mom...she buys me clothes. I shop in the juniors even though I'm 29 but I still pick clothes that I can get away with wearing...when my mom shops for me in the juniors section, she picks childish things. I like Tweety Bird so she bought me a white shirt and zippered hoodie two-piece that had black Tweety Birds all over it which were highlighted in glitter. Ugh! I only wore them when I went to her house and I knew I wasn't going anywhere else that day. They now reside at Goodwill.

Ahhh you look lovely :) HAHA, I totally know what you mean. My mother bought me this hideous olive green and yellow sweater that she swore I would love. Did I ever fail to tell her that olive green and yellow are probably the worst colours for me to wear? Apparently not. Oh well, I guess it's the thought that counts, but I'm too chicken to tell her I hate it.

Awww, your mum sounds adorably lovely! You're such a nice daughter for using it, despite your distaste for all things pink, purple and Coach. I once received from my mum a pair of gold, diamond small hoops, which were beautiful, if I were in my 30s at a swingers party. I ended up selling them when I was short on cash, and to this day feel a deep pitted guilt every time I see my mum. Don't throw it away or sell your wallet, I warn you!

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You look gorgeous, I love the wool coat, and she managed to find a coach wallet that was both pink AND purple? wow, haha. My mom usually does a pretty good job, my Grandmother on the other hand...Mickey Mouse sing-a-long CD's for when I was a teenager, and one year she bought me an array of pink (the only color I don't wear) accessories all embellished with a giant italicized A (for alison)...oh wow, haha. Anyways, you look great Happy Thanksgiving!

Love love the layering going on here and also those boots!

Awww,you're so sweet even though you really disliked your present.
My mom actually does a pretty good job picking gifts for me. Because I always give her big obvious hints what I want! heeeeee

I mean,I would rather she get me something I would use and really love <3

Your outfit looks so comfy!
And 'things mothers give you but you don't want' really made me think of Bridget Jones with those knitted t-shirts xD

And my mom comes home with a cheap black shirt she would love and then wonders why I don't want to wear it :P

haha!this is a great post,love it! and i love how you cant stand coach!there's just too many people carrying them around (fake or real,who cares?!?!hahaha..) my mom gave me this matronly-looking suede jacket with fur trimming (the ones you see on old european ladies). She's so excited about it cus' she scored it for a really cheap price. I was like..okaaayy...thanks mom (BIG GRIN) :p

Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving! :)


omg i love this!

you look lovely as always. i've been looking for boots like that for ages, but have been failing :( they look so comfy and good for any weather.

hmm...now that i think about it, all the gifts i've gotten from my mother have been pretty useful!

you're wonderful! i love your coat and need one like that

Boston look so beautiful, I must go back soon!

Coach is just not good. However, it's adorable that she shops for you constantly. My mother, on the other hand, absolutely hates shopping. When I was in the hospital last year, though, she bought me pajamas, two pairs of slippers, and a gloriously soft robe. They were, however, all pink. I think because I liked pink when I was 13, she assumes I still must. At least they're all very comfy and I never have to wear them out!

awesome boots!

Clothes Are Cute

it doesn't sound too bad, lol (the coach wallet i mean). let's see a pic! i wish my mom would give me stuff; she says i have far too many things already and that i should be less materialistic. so yeah. lovely outfit :) happy thanksgiving!

Aw, you're such a sweetheart for using the wallet despite not liking it. I also got stuff from my mom which I really didn't like but nothing big that I remember specifically.

I love that outfit - it's really simple but looks great and super stylish. I wish I had your hair, it's so beautiful!

I love shades of grey!
Great jacket!
X, fashion-nerdic.

Oh my gosh, your style is amazing!!! I absoloutly love everything you put together, so classic/edgy/tailored/ eddortless!! Absoloutly brilliant!! Keep up the amazing blogging!! x

I just moved from Boston in August after living there for five years!! I miss Newbury!


Re:Awwww,your comment was so sweet! Yeaa,I'm really too chicken to do anything else with my hair. ahahaha

and I do try to do my best when I'm blogging,guess I'm too addicted to it. heeee

love you lotssssss

thanks for your comments on my blog.
I love your nonchalant outfits.


absolutely stunning

love your classic coat!

on of my great friends goes to School in boston (Tufts). You look awesome! love the coat

likie pants!

I live in Boston! Your outfit is really cool! Love you coat and boots. Is this picture in Copley?


lol if my mom gets me sth i dont like i normally just tell her and she'll use it as a gift to give someone else instead LOL. she says at least its better than letting it go to waste!

I really don't like the monogrammed Coach line but I do think they have been getting substantially better in their designs! Moms are so cute when they think of you and buy something randomly... it just makes me chuckle thinking about some of the things my mom has gotten me!

I did not know you were based in Boston the first time I came across your page! Look forward to more of your posts :)

perfect ensemble. i like the boots a lot.

about gifts. we dont really do the gift thing. if i want something i buy it for myself. but i do get gifts from relatives when they visit, sometimes i give it back, other times it "disappears" after a while. i actually hate being given gifts, because no one ever gets it right.