I'm new to Photobooth and its novelty has not worn off yet. Clearly. Please excuse this poor excuse of a post. Sophia will be back shortly with fewer facial expressions but plentiful amounts of DIYs. Woo woo! Hope everyone is having a restful weekend and to those in the States, hope you're still stuffed as a turkey/tofurkey/turducken.
I love the photos. looks like good fun:)


Haha, love the cousin it pic!! Gorgeous glasses.


lol! you are adorable, and those eyeglasses suit you so well!

You look so lovely! Photobooth is such an addiction! I can play around on it for hours and not get bored!


Lovely! Fun loving photos are greaaat !

kiss kiss,

you're to cute.

loving those glases.
you have such a cute face.

LOVEE this! and i really like ur outfit below :)))



are you chinese?

where did you get those glasses?

i like so much

@ ayn yes, i'm chinese. but maybe a little bi...
@ ayn
yes, i'm chinese. but maybe a little bit of something else since it's not so clear on my mum's side. mystery is good!

@ michelle
fabulous fannys in east village, ny --> http://store.fabulousfannys.com/catalog

I just got a Macbook Pro! I haven't even used photobooth yet! I had to buy a cover before I could start using it. It's been since...September! :)


you look so beautiful,dear!!!! <3

Adore all these photobooth candid shots of you,you look stunning:)

I love the one with all your hair over your face and the glasses,it got me laughing <3

ahh i love photobooth pictures. do you have a dailybooth account? i'd follow you! its this website where you post a photobooth picture of you a day :D

Just discovered your wonderful blog and am following you now. (-:


lol at the second pic im getting cousin it vibes, i really like your glasses

The novelty of photobooth never wears off! At least for me...

I adore those - you're so cute <3
Love your glasses too.

So cute and what natural beauty!

I love your glasses, I want some but i'm afraid they won't suit me :/

girl you are awesome, and can i just say YES for boston fashion bloggers.

haha photobooth so awesome rgiht

These are so funny and so cute!


What a beauty - love the funny facial expressions!