When I came back from Thanksgiving break, I had a little present waiting for me in the mail. James Lillis, the designer extraordinaire behind Black Milk, had sent me a pair of wet look leggings and a pair of my favourites, the Sheer Spartans (which I'm wearing above). I was both ecstatic and hesitant to try them on. I was ecstatic because the leggings combined aspects of flashy superhero chic but in a very minimal way, but I was also hesitant because I had just come back from 5 days of feasting on nothing but turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, ham, pies, and cakes. And the leggings were both in a teeny tiny XS. Oh life, you humour me.


Black Milk leggings, H&M vest, vintage silk tank, Alternative shirt, DIY hairband

cool leggings!

wow, those are amazing. and i love that mirror image in the top photos. so striking and beautiful. sweet score!

wow these leggings are amazing, and you styled them perfectly. i need a pair!

Those look fabbb!!!!!! You look amazinggg! :D

I just posted a DIY project on studded Miu Miu boots..would love for you to stop by and take a look!


thise leggings!!!!!!!1 omg

omg, these boot are jus amazing. I could watch them all night. I am so jealous of them. You look amazing.

those leggings are AMAZING. i want them. omg. so expensive. :( they look amazing on you however!

Those are really great! I can't wait to see how else you'll be styling them.

amazing,my dear!!!!!!!!!

You always look wonderful!


I really love those leggings! If only they were easy to make for myself. They scream Comic Book Heroine!

Beautiful, those leggings are fantastic!!!


those leggings are so sick!! love them

Wow you look amazing!! I love those leggings, so sexy and edgy. They really work with the simple outfit - makes them stand out even more. This is so inspiring - minimalistic and so unique.

Well it seems Black Milk has chosen the perfect advertising conduit, I was pretty much convinced as soon as your post loaded. However, after a 15 minute futile attempt to purchase them via blackberry, I will have to wait until I get home!!

those are fierce leggings; i dont know how you can dress like that in boston because when i went it was raining and flipping cold as all hell. i'll be back there in two weeks again anyway haha :P

Great outfit! Love the tights!

love the effect in the first photo! i wonder how you'll look like if you wear these with combat boots...

those leggings rock my world. i'm in love with them!! :)))



Wow, are those tights patterned that way or is it diy? That's so creative, you are definitely one of the best fashion bloggers out there.

You look great

Those leggings are awesome. You look like a superhero! <3

Hey there. Karen's friend/lover from back home in Vancouver, BC. Your leggings are fcking brilliant. I'd never take them off. Not even for a shower.

ahh the lines of those leggings is absolutely brilliant

leggings = amazing!

Clothes Are Cute

@Lindsey the leggings are patterned that way! pre...
the leggings are patterned that way! pretty fierce stuff.

hi, nice to meet ya! ha, funny thing is the leggings were so tight that i'd probably have no problem never taking them off, even for the shower :o)

Love your outfit! You pull off the leggings so well. xx

love your style xox

the spartan leggings look great on you. a superhero look indeed. i wish i could carry a look like that.

Amazing leggings!

Cool leggings ! I love it! I'm wearing wet look leggings on my last post too .
You look great!

Hi darling!
I found you on Chictopia--and thank god--because I think I'm in love! I went thru all your posts and you're super talented and great at putting things together.
Your new biggest fan,

girl,you're looking so stunning here !

Wowwww,lucky you to have thos leggings. Love the mixture of the materials. Perfect with the chunky scarf and your headband. Always so stunning <3


Ohh I like your outfit a lot! It's edgy!

I love the leggings! I would can't wait to see the next style adventure you post with them. I am also seeing an over-sized, heather grey, cashmere v-neck sweater in the future, paired with flat black motorcycle ankle boots?

Hello, Looking great in this dress and jewele...
Looking great in this dress and jewelery and every one will give you credit.
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Oh my, I LOVE this look. I'm going to subscribe to your feed now!

oh i love those...but...aren't your thighs cold?? lol looks so cold and windy there!

THE LEGGINS are gret! love the way u dress!always kinda perfect ;))

oh god oh god think im in love with you!!!

your blog is awesome.. has the great outfit posts but also edgy an you show some great finds!

think you may be my new fave!


heya phosphene,
I just stumbled across your blog, and I've gotta say... J'aime ton blog beaucoup! Oh la la!
Your leggings are kick-ass. I would love to get my hands on a pair in cream.. yes cream.. or asphalt grey. I try to stay away from black bc it makes me look thinner..and for a skinny lass like me.. that is a tad annoying. Getting anorexia comments = mood kill. Freakin loooove your look! I actually bookmarked you.. which is a big deal. Lol.


Hey beautiful.... okay, let's take on Gareth Pugh. Send me some drawings and it's on!

those leggings are gorgeous!!

Wow, the leggings are gorrrrrgeous! Congrats on receiving them. You lucky girl. I think you're on to something, sending subtle hints on the contrast leggings. They would be wild! The perfect kind of wild.

neat looking...

wish i knew about this blog while i was still living in Cambridge...