There is one designer's collection that I find myself watching season after season--that is Riccardo Tisci's collections for Givenchy. It's not only the clothes that are breathtaking, but the presentations are equally so. Take for instance, when Sasha P marched down the runway in a rhinestone-encrusted dress to Prokofiev's "Dance of the Knights," I was swept away. Or the petal-flooded runway from Couture Spring 2009 serving as the perfect backdrop to all the pieces, each one possessing a sort of untouchable sacredness.

I've wanted to re-create something Givenchy-inspired for a long time. In a sloppy blogger DIY kind of way. Crimes, I know. I bought a white shirt from H&M, a sheer white AA circle scarf, tons of feather trim to play around with, and went to work. The complete tutorial is in the entry below this one if you'd like to follow along and give it a try yourself. There are a few DIY pointers and detail shots as well. There's just way too much for me to learn still, but I gave it a go and am pretty pleased with the result. I'm still experimenting and have set my mind on a few more related DIYs, but in the meantime, I've giving this one away!

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its an amazing piece of art and i would love to have it. and you look amazing in it

I wish I could DIY things! :) It's very pretty!


oh gosh sophia why are you so amazing!! seriously you have some sort of creative DIY gift <3

cool! i love diy's, & yours came out well! :)

this is an amazing giveaway and such a stunning and beautiful diy. such inspiration! fingers crossed!

calivintage (at) gmail (dot) com

Beautiful shirt! And I'm following you on Twitter!

oh my you angellic looking person, that's a fantastic outcome, I'm still quite scared of trying to MAKE tops or dresses, I feel like I'd need ubercool sewing skills to launch on a mission like that. Well seeing this, I think I might as well try, it looks so good.

you're one of the best DIY bloggers out there! this one is a true masterpiece :D I'm crossing all my fingers and toes for this one :D

Great job and good luck with the next couple!!

so gorgeous! i love this top


omg, this DIY is so beautiful!!!

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This is so lovely...Love all your DIY!!!

Love it.

this is beautiful!! great work hun

You made this?! its gorgeous <3 <3 well done.

Edgy and put together, good work. pretty! i have a black coat with feathers that i adore. i would LOVE to have white feathers as well :)

So normally I'd be scared of so many feathers, but I think the fact that it's white makes it less in your face. What gorgeous work!!

You are so incredibly talented! And Riccardo Tisci is my hands-down, always and forever FAVORITE. Not exaggerating or just saying, I am constantly blown away by everything that he sends down the runway. Making it my life mission to get rich and own...

oh wow...that is extremely generous!!! yes i hope i win!!!

oh wow that's amazing!! i wish i could do DIYs like that. they all kinda end up looking weird...haha! xx

You look like an urban angel from a Wim Wenders flick. Urban Ethereal. Great gesture for your readers!

Crossing my fingers for this one...

You've done it again! Love the shirt, love the photos, love your posing :) You look great! So creative!

Oh wow! This is gorgeous!! Great photos too!:)
laura gerencser at roadrunner dot com

It's so pretty!! I love it in white but I can also see it in so many different colors... thanks for the tutorial below, too!


absolutely gorgeous! have to try this tutorial now...

Sorry... I was the commenter above anonymous :)

I want! I want! I want!

holy shit this is amazing.
you rock sophia.
i'd kill to win this!


new follower here, from chictopia
LOVE the shirt and tutorial! awesomeness!!

That looks so good on you! You have talent. Are you sure you want to part with such loveliness?

You look so ethereal in these pics. Great design and tutorial to boot!

it looks so amazing on you! I'm surprised you're giving it away, but it's so beautiful and I'd love to wear it as well ;)

I love this outfit!
the white of the shirt really contrasts against your hair and your jeans and it stands out.
and wow, i cant believe you made this.

Oh my goosh, that top is gorgeous! I doubt I'll have the time to pull off the tutorial, so let me have a hand at this giveaway!

wow that is beautiful, i would love it!

This is absolutely beautiful! It is like out of a dream! You are so talented!

wow, that is gorgeous ! beautiful DIY. fingers cr...
that is gorgeous ! beautiful DIY.
fingers crossed. (:

this is sooooo beautiful!! count me in please!

Thsi is SOOOOO Beautifull!!!!!
I'm in!

wow! this DIY is truly amazing. i'd be glad to win. greets from italy

ups, i forgot to leave a contact. you can send me a private message at my chictopia blog hugs

wow this is amazing, don't have anything like that in my closet but I would LOVE to :)

Beaautiful outfit! That top looks heavenly.

Also I'd looove that giveaway <3 ->

Your DIY are the BEST!!

I've only recently followed your blog and I really love it!! This is such an awesome DIY giveaway, you wore the blouse so beautifully:)

it's for my little sister that is so sick...poor thing... and she really needs that! Don't you wanna help her :)...

No, seriously it's really for her! I want to gift her with your silks!!

please? Portugal? Yeah? Thanks!

Big kiss,
Gon from

That shirt is AMAZINg!! Wish I had your talent :3

these pictures are absolutely breathtaking. and that shirt is amazing; you always have the best DIYs!

This DIY is really nice!

I would love to have it! :D

seriously stunning! love it...hope i'm the lucky winner!!
i love the draping you obtained with the scarf...that is such a brilliant idea!

good luck to everyone (although I like to delude myself I'll be the lucky winner of this gorgeousness)!

This reminds me of something from Swan Lake. I love it so much.

wow, want to win this. If I don't do, I'll try it on my own...

before i even read the text, i thought givenchy. so beautiful.

sign me up!!

So this is why the sentence "fashion is art" exists. I love it!

Love the top!


oh god.. ull be bIG.. U ARE!

completely amazing. please let me win this!


This is awesome DIY! It kind of reminds me of Bjork's Swan Dress, but in a wearable version. I would love to own this!

That top is amazing, darling!


This is the most beautiful giveaway!!

your DIYs are SO inspiring!!

Fantastic, you look like an angel, very beautiful. Very very very very amazing.

Wow this is gorgeous! thanks for sharing all of your DIY ideas, your blog is my all time favourite :)

Omg, that top is stunning! Amazing DIY!

That is one amazing diy. I love it. And i love what Riccardo Tisci does for givenchy. You said it well in that first paragraph.

it is incredible! id love it!

The outfit looke awesome one you!

I don't know how you do it! its amazing!

it'd be a crime not to enter this contest...the shirt looks heavenly.

Oh my! Amazing, amazing, amazing!

damn, girl.

this is unbelievable! so unique and beautiful!

this is amazing! love the DIY <33

This is amazing. I would love to win this! It would instantly spice up my closet!

This is sooooo beautiful with it flowing in the wind !

And I loved you wore it with those pants and booties. Ohhhhh,I would love to have this in my closet,its would be so lovely:)

this doesn't even look like a DIY job!
So professional- especially when you compare it to my 10min DIYs...

It looks fabulous!

That shirt is outstanding - simply brilliant. You are very talented.

Count me in!

I love the combination of black and white. The shirt is amazingly feminine.

your so inspirational and so is Givenchy!:D I hope i winn!

sooo beautiful and very nice angelic photos, love this so much! :)


Amazing! so dreamy and angelic ;)

Love this. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

I actually cannot believe that you made the shirt, it's crafted to absolute perfection! Thank you for the wonderful idea <3 :)


Beautiful. Once again Sophia, you are amazing.

that is, to say the least, the most beautiful shirt i've ever seen, seriously i'm such a fan of white fluffly stuff,
dear random selecter, choose me!!!

first of all, honestly I couldn't believe that you're giving such an amazing DIY shirt away! I re-read this post for like 3times to make sure that you seriously would like to giving it away. LOL.
in short, I really want to be the lucky one!!! *crossing fingers*

New follower:)
I love your diys!
Especially the fringe tights! It has inspired me to try that only on a pair of pants:) Thank you so much!
It would be great if you chose me, but if not I will try your diy!:D Amazing shirt:)


Wow. So many comments already, seemed pretty tough! But I'm just gonna say this is really a cool outfit, wish I can be half as creative as you!

oh! remindes me of this:

girl, it´s amazing!

oh oh oh my gosh... this is umbelivable beautiful! i have no words!! i want it sooo much!!

so pretty!

This is gorgeous! inspired me to do something myself too.
And count me in!!

this is so beautiful! i would love to own a handmade piece of yours!

The shirt makes me think of something Matthew Barney would make out of vaseline. :) ala


@ Erin your mind works in wondrous ways.
@ Erin

your mind works in wondrous ways.

the white fairly tale like shirt made you look like an ANGEL falling from the sky. I would love to win this..

I just discovered your blog a short while ago and love your sense of style! Would be awesome to win this, I'm sure it would be one of the most unique tops I own... :)


It's amazing, I'd love to have it

You always make such a cool DIY stuff :)
Love it!!!

Wow, it is stunning! You have such a beautiful silhouette as well

Impressive DIY ! Really awesome work ;)
Would love to have it !

oh that would be great, to have this beautiful tee in my hands!

So beautiful! Even if I don't win, I have to try to make this myself!

It's such a beautiful top!
Anything with feathers is fine by me :) x

what a gorgeous top, please enter me in your contest ;)

That shirt came out so well, you're so talented! I'm always amazed at the beautiful DIYs I find on blogs like yours! Anyways, of course I'd love to win this beautiful shirt!


oh my, stunning!
i would kill for this beauty.

so gorgeous! you're incredibly talented =)

oh my god!!!
will you make more i already won your other giveaway but I WANT THIS SOOOOOOOOOO BAD TOO!!!!!
OMG OMG OMG OMG i'm emailing u dmanit!

beautiful diy! your inspo is actually taped on my board as well. would love to have this for the new year.

beautiful. major want (need!)

like this shit and the concept of it!

@Jillian you're too presh. you've officia...

you're too presh. you've officially pushed me to make more, black and white, shirts and dresses. it's going to get crazy :)

this is such an amazing diy! i would've never thought of it :)

It's stolen my heart. Beautiful!

I love this shirt, is very romantic :-)

DIY are great!

I love the statement that piece makes. The shirt is sincerely beautiful! I would love to sport it during the holiday.

Amazing!!! The feathers are the perfect touch

this is amazing. bless you & your DIY's =]

I WONN.. I CANT BELIEVE IT!! i'm so so so so so happy!!!! first it start snowing in brussels, then i WON THIS AMAZING piece of art!! i dont know what to say...


Miss Z