I'm beginning to understand why my boyfriend never has enough clothes to wear. I "borrow" his hoodies and t-shirts, lounge around them, and then return them to him all warm and toasty smelling of coconut lotion and other girlish scents. Speaking of the boy, we are currently tucked away in a warehouse loft somewhere in Brooklyn slaving away on a project that we've been meaning to complete for a while now. Today we settled down, did some groceries, and feasted at one of our favourite places here, Curly's. Their suna melt (soy imitation tuna = suna) topped off with melted provolone and sprouts on wheat hero with a side of curly fries is just unreal. I've also lugged some of my DIY supplies with me so I'm hoping to get my DIY on whenever I get sick of wire frames and mock ups. DIY projects also mean upcoming giveaways. I'm excited!
Oooh what are you doing in Brooklyn??? That's one of the beauties of having a boy, their tshirts & hoodies!Nuthin wrong with a little bag lady...I love it!

I am always impressed by how you manage to create such brilliant layers of fabrics... Seems impossible if I make such attempts. And Suna sounds great!

love your shoes in the first pic.. and your outfit! :)

I love that first shot! Sounds like your boyfriend is also a creative person :) that's awesome that both of you can go on a mini retreat and work on things together!

love all the layers your outfits and the hoodie looks great =)
enjoy brooklyn!

i love your life.


have fun in brooklyn! brooklyn heights is one of my favorite areas in the whole world! and wow, ur shoes are amazing :)



oh yay those shoes again. love them! mannnn i miss NY ):

I've been dying to try some suna! & I totally agree, boy clothes have a great slouchy/laid back vibe.


i must admit, lounging around in guy's stuff is the best. so comfy :)
thanks for the info on yogurt soju. can't believe i've never heard about it, and i'm korean haha.


Who are those shoes by?
Love them all.


Is that an H&M Mens scarf? Stolen from bf again? Looks fab on you :)

I love men's t-shirts and sweaters. I own quite a few James Perse men's tees and men's button-downs from JCrew. They are always perfectly oversized and have you noticed men's clothing is generally cheaper than the women's versions?

The loft looks like the perfect venue for a New Year's eve party!

@ thehautepursuit
i'm in bklyn for some rest, play, and work. being the holiday season, i thought it was a nice time to just get away, clear the mind and start afresh :)

@ Zoe
i got them off eBay and they were shipped from s. korea. i can't remember the seller, but if you type in "fashion boot" into search, you'll find it.

@ Nelia
keen eye! it is an H&M's men's scarf, but that i actually bought for myself! i love the stone washed/acid washed effect it has.

u look amazing! always perfect your outfits :)

sophia do u now how long it will take to arrive here the t shirt? big kiss :)

love the comfy look and the lovely scarf! can't wait to see what you come up with.

Just stumbled upon your blog.
RESULT: i heart it.

your stunning, and your style is gorgeous!.
Panda x

*follows you*

I love your booties!


Great shoes :D

You have amazing style and a great blog... i def would love to exchange links w/ you!!!xoxo.

keep up the great work

Miss Z

Shoes! love all of them :)

Clothes Are Cute
Clothes Are Cute

I love that 1st shot, so cute! The laid back style of the mens shirt looks comfy and chic!

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sex shoes. & i'm the same, you cannot beat boys' hoodies & tees.


That's a lovely outfit!I like the way you've combined everything!

hi sophia :) It's been a while since i've visited any blogs and i decided to start my blog reading rounds with yours first. so nice to know that you're still taking awesome photos and looking awesome hahaha.

i secretly wish i could borrow my boyfriend's clothes but seeing as he is 6 feet and i'm 5'1, that doesn't quite ever work out for me.

a loft in brooklyn for 2 weeks sounds like epic fun btw :D

i love your blog and your style!
i'm following you

Love this outfit! thnx for your comment by the way:) xx Michele

This outfit is so chic. I love that first photo too.

Thanks for visiting my blog & happy new year!

PS: I am hosting a new year's giveaway Jan 4- stop by!

i love your style sophie! i'm sooo following you!


That loft seems to be a dream! I adore the gold frame on that mirror so much!

You look stunning on that booties ;)

That suna sounds delightfull!


your look is absolutely stunning!!!
love your blog dear.
lot of kisses.

M&E :)))

Ou have a great collection of shoes!:) And a kick ass blog/style!

Thanks SO MUCH for the comment! Im loving your blog :)

Haha, it must also pain your bf to see that you probably look much better in his clothes. (If he can't tell, we sure can)

Looking gorgeous as always.
Wish I had your hair!


you can layer clothes like no one else. its such a wonderful talent for fashion, teach me plz?

Great style!!!!

your loft, from what we can see, looks beautiful! I love the exposed shelves in the first photo.

i really, really love the first photo.

Stunning stunning photos girl!!

Wowww,you've been updating almost daily I'm behind again now. heeeee
I love love to borrow clothes from my boyfriend's closet too and I take forever to get them returned to him. ahaha

Love love your oversized tee with that tie dye scarf you have on.

nice shoes :)


BR I LLIANT outfit. love it love it so much! great layering

tu as vraiment beaucoup d'allure..ton appart est super lumineux..quelle chance

great post