Yesterday I took my last exam and today I saw my last patient of the semester. To celebrate the two weeks of vacation ahead of me, I'm . . . wearing colour! In all seriousness, today was a day of much needed relaxation. I wrapped up the DIY giveaway item, booked a spacious loft in Williamsburg for a two week getaway with my boyfriend, finally wore my Sam Edelman Zoe boots (that I bought ages ago but never wore due to fear of breaking both my ankles walking in them), and am looking forward to trying yogurt soju tonight for the first time. Finally, I feel like my old self again without all the textbooks and notes bogging down on me. I can smile again! Don't worry though, black is still my favourite colour.

Now it's ready to be sent out!
owwwh wow what's yoghurt soju? I wanna tryyy :D Gosh you look so cute and bouncy - happy that term's done huh ;) those SEs look so good from the front, don't think I've ever seem them from the front actually :P

Hey Sophia! Woo hoo Christmas break! What are you studying at school? Are you a fellow science/med major turned fashion blogger?? I hope you wear those Sam Edelman's more...they really aren't that bad! they're prob my most comf platforms--no joke!

You would fit right in in Williamsburg with this outfit. Seriously, that's all they seem to wear over there - plaid shirts and skinny jeans, guys included!

Enjoy your vacation!

PS. You do mean williamsburg, BK right?

Always love your outfits and I've been addicted to your blog!
Yeah, what is yogurt soju? Is it a drink? Making me curious.

Studded Hearts

You look so cool!!!
Enjoy your vacation dear!


congrats on being done!! have fun in NY - i was just searching for places in NY and really wanted to find one in williamsburg.. should be fun

hope u have an awesome vacation! and i love what u r wearing :)))


You look so wonderful! You make plaid look amazing! I hope you have a wonderfully long, fulfilling, and relaxing holiday!

You wear colors and they look so good you!

love your outfits. every single time.
the boots look so amazing. you should def wear them more!

Haha, yogurt soju sounds awful! Let us know how that tastes... I'm glad you're done with your finals.

I'm echoing Haute Pursuit up there ^ -- are you a fellow science nerd fashion blogger? :)

i LOVE your shoes! =)

You look awsome Sophia ! And yeah christmas vacations are so so good! :D
I'm in love with your outfit!!

kiss kiss,

@Shini and The Frocker
yogurt soju was actually pretty good! we got peach yogurt soju but we really couldn't taste much of the yogurt. in fact, it was more reminiscent of lychee juice. hmm. try it!

@Haute Pursuit and The Frocker
yes, i'm a fellow science nerd fashion blogger (hence i'm always tweeting about the miseries of pathology, anatomy, biochem, and the such). we're taking over the blogosphere :)

I love those Sam Edelman booties. I'm thinking about buying them for weeks now.

GOSH! You rock this outfit. I'm so happy finals are over. VACATION TIME. HA! Could you let me know when you have other contests, please? :)

Great outfit girl ! I love how you've mixed the too prints !! THose shoes are awesome !
I really like yogurt soju !!

Thanks! Yep, I'm a science nerd too... got my degree in Neuroscience, and now I'm getting my MPH (woop woop).

As for makeup, I tend to try stuff in magazines if it's got a step-by-step guide. Other than that, I stick to the same boring thing when I put makeup on once in a blue moon :P

this is a lovely and nice change from your usual. but the usual is amazing as well haha

you get it right everytime. i like how you wear skinny things, but w/o it looking skin tight some how...
not sure if you have one already, but you really should set up your own shop! that top you made is incredibly beautiful.

your blog and your designs are beautiful.

Cool outfit. You wear those boots well.

Emjoy your vacation!


how nice to see you dressed with a bit of color, you can always give an original interpretation to all of your look. you're right for the shoes I also would have some fear, they are very beautiful boots ... what a wonderful packaging that you did, you're really a person who loves the beauty even in the details

That's a lovely outfit! Love the bag.


I'm glad you feel relieved! time for Christmas!
I love your shirt, and black too..could not live without it.

you are sooo freakin pretty!! you remind me of model hyoni kang, like you have her looks AND the energy.

have a merry merry christmas!

hi! you have a great blog.
i love your look.

Wear. More. Color! Please?

Ah, love winter break.
This is a cute look, I like how you mixed the different plaids. And of course, so jealous of your boots!

Congrats on finishing! Hope your vacation has been going well. I like how low-key this outfit looks until you get to the boots.

ah i just finished school too, it's so good to be on break! You look gorgeous in a little color, I love it!


So happy for you you've gotten a break from schol now! I love the plaid shirt with those pants and the Sam Edelman boots! Ahhhhhh,I've still not bought myself a pair:(

But they look so beautiful on you! Awww,and congrats to the winner of the shirt,you wrapped it so well<3 I wished it was me winning. heee


I'd never come across your blog before but I'm absolutely in awe. Lovely outfits and the previous DIY will be my new project, I bookmarked you. I'm sold.

wow you're really good!!!
love your creations! :)
nice blog!

come to visit us if you want ^_^

haha how can you be afraid of the edelmen's when you wear those jil sander's all the time!! gosh i really need to step my daily shoe game up and start wearing my heels more often -.-

love it!!!
xoxo amber