It's official. The winner of the DIY giveaway of this is Carolina of The Clothist! After throwing out repeat comments, deleted comments, and my personal responses, there was a total of 164 entries and #122 came out the victorious winner. I was going to wrap up the shirt and take a few snaps right now, but I'm completely sleep deprived and sleep-deprived Sophia is clumsy, disoriented and a bit crazy, so I'll leave that for tomorrow when I'm more coordinated. Congrats Carolina!

I've been brewing up a bunch of mini projects lately, so watch this space.
dang. congratulations to Carolina ! (:
congratulations to Carolina ! (:

Congrats to her! I'll be definitely entering the next giveaway, you're so talented!


hahahaha tanks!! i'm sooooo luckyy!!!! :D and thanks sophie for this oportunity!! you are amazing girl!

Yaay! Congrats Carolinaaa ;D!



Congratulations to the winner :D Lucky!

awww congrats to the lucky girl! LOL lucky indeed. i guess i'm dumb cause i dont understand how she won exactly? LOL