Black. Airy dresses. Jil Sanders. I'm all set. I could seriously limit my entire wardrobe to just a few key pieces: Black dresses of varying lengths (mini to maxi), architectural pumps and wedges, and black stockings. Adding frills and details just oftentimes feels fussy, itchy and contrived. I guess my mind and my heart are black black black. *wink*

By the way, there are still a few more days to enter the GIVEAWAY in the entry below. Do it, there's nothing to lose (except for your soul. I kid I kid)!

Wearing Zara shirt dress, vintage leather bag, vintage faux fur stole, Jil Sander pumps
love this dress! and the shoes are amazing <3

love the all black ensemble, love at first sight with your shoes :)

Clothes Are Cute

oh i love that touch of fuzz you gave to your outfit! i could live in black all the time too, haha :P

you look great! i hope you're staying warm (and dry!) it's so cold these days in boston...

@ SK definitely trying to stay warm. i took off ...
@ SK

definitely trying to stay warm. i took off my huge and frumpy down jacket for a max. of 10 seconds to snap this photo. it's unbearable here.

Hey I hear ya! I've been trying to rein in my purchasing of all things black, but I guess you can never have enough of a good thing?
I love those Jil Sander pumps. I've been trying to track down boot versions for EONS now!
Anyhoo, you look darling :)

i was already jealous of your jil sander. now you've got this magnificent, versatile shirtdress!!! was this a recent buy? i have to get my butt to zara!!

@ hanako i got it just a few days ago. it's d...
@ hanako

i got it just a few days ago. it's definitely still in stores :)

I love how you added that furry bit to brighten up all the black :) so chic!

You look gorgeous!Wouldnt change a thing

This shirt dress is so gorgeous I love it! You look great!!

oh god, you make me want to buy these shoes! i'm so scared of getting them and falling over though :/

i really love this outfit,
the shoes are gorgeous!

I love how simple & gorgeous this outfit is! Really great <3

simple, classic and marvellous! That's what I like. I love such shirt dresses.

Love this classic black look!

you look great! I adore black dresses for any occasion.. those shoes are gorgeous!!

I love the modesty of black. Brilliance achieved as usual!


i am also all about the black, i can't help myself!
thanks so much for the advice on hemming my sweater! i'm a bit of a sewing novice.

you have such a pretty blog -- i will definitely be back!

we couldn't be more alike in that sense. give me all black and killer heels and i'm set for life!

you look amazing, of course =)

It is pretty much true that if everything you buy is black, white, or gray, and you just pile the layers on, nothing can go wrong. that's my personal fashion philosophy

beautiful shirt dress.
i love black clothes. it seems like i can never have enough black boots and black jackets.

beautifully simple outfit, with those fun shoes to spice it up!

i just LOVE your shoes <333

amazing outfit, the shoes OHHHHHH I LOVE <3

girl you look amazing, those shoes are AWESOME! also i think you have the most perfect skin. im hoping to run into you on the streets of boston someday soon.

@ Kennedy i hope so too :)
@ Kennedy

i hope so too :)

Yeahhh for a black black outfit with those pumps its perfect!

But i love the furry thing you added to your bag too:)you're looking so gorgeous <3

Wow the look is just perfect!!!

i'm so in love with this outfit, and the furry thing on ur bag is such a great addition!! love ur style as always girly :))


My favorite thing in a outfit is its simplicity...i love all black outfits!

nothings as tres chic as anything black and airy

This is such a cool look!

god those shoes are absolutely amazing! as are you! so glad to have found another blog from Boston!

great mix of texture! love it. esp that fur.

OMG. this is so weird. your style is basically girl form of myself. we have so many of the same DIY and the fox fur on that bag! and our blogs kind of look similar! LOVE IT. following :D