I've completely fallen for this lighter palette. Past Springs and Summers were spent stubbornly concealed and drowned in black. It's time to move onto something fresh. In preparation for Spring, I've been obsessing over blushes, nudes and anything romantic. The Acne suede leather fringe jacket in a dusty pink is on the top of my lust list. It's unbelievably playful but undeniably practical as I can see it as the perfect layering piece or thrown over Spring floral dresses and basics. Coming in at a close second are the Opening Ceremony printed bow heels, which I'm envisioning with silk frocks and ombré or watercolour tights. There's just too much gorgeousness here.

I. Acne fringe suede jacket in dusty pink
II. 3.1 Phillip Lim lace shift dress
III. Opening Ceremony bow heel
IV. Queen's Wardrobe pastel nude heels

I love these nude colour items!
Especially that fringed jacket :D

x Robine

loving these...i'm stocked for spring

I'm so into this palette too, and searching like crazy for the perfect items <3

I really, really like the nude shoes from Queens Wardrobe!

wow, love EVERYTHING! so gorgeous!

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i love the opening ceremony shoes, i want, i need !

I'm also bitten by this bug, though I steer towards the light greys and blues. Love that Phillip Lim dress, gorgeous!

I love that dress so much!

I love these opening ceremony heels!

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Beautiful! I'm trying to add more lilac to my wardrobe this year, too. I can't wait to see these (or similar) items on you. I'm sure you'd add your own touch!

ditto.. im looking for nudes and whites this season as well, sophia..

there's something refreshing about it

aaahh yes.. im trying to open up my wardrobe for these nude pieces this coming spring and summer too! :D

I've been aching for a more romantic palette besides black and grey, which is how this weather makes me feel. The opening ceremony heels are so dreamy. Also, I love that your post is titled Blush and so is the current post up at pink horrorshow. Just thought it was a funny coincidence

wow, i love the Queen's wardrobe shoes! the color is brilliant.

Those pieces are to die for!


Hey! Last week I recheived your cardigan, and fina...
Last week I recheived your cardigan, and finally I had the time to take a picture, it's not great but I wanted to thank you again!

Definitelyyy. I need more lighter colors in my wardrobe!

oh my goodness I'm lusting after those opening ceremony shoes! these colors are just brilliant! I'm swooning!

Gorgeous finds! With winter coming up for us Aussies, I'm going to try and incorporate more pastel softer hues into my winter looks for a change.

The opening ceremony shoes!!!! omgoodness...

I have to admit though, pastels sometime scare me because I think they'll make me look too girly! But they're so pretty to look at...

both of the shoes are soo cute!

the bow heels are super gorgeous!!!! I want a pair!

I've been wanting that Philip Lim dress pretty badly. I too have been taken with all the nudes/ pastel colors.

me too! The last pair of heels is absolutely wonderful.

all of my favorite colors in one post.