What I love most about these photos is how serious they turned out. No one could ever tell that right before this I was feasting on pancakes and Twizzlers for breakfast. Clearly I eat like a 5-year old. Cocoa puffs and ice cream for dinner pwease.

I'm wearing a vintage navy blazer, vintage wool trousers, brown socks, oxford heels, and a bejeweled Christopher Kane x Topshop shirt.
i eat chocolate bars and peanut butter for breakfast. why i'm not keeled over with artherosclerosis is beyond me. and YES to man trousers! i am going to search for the perfect pair myself! :)


Oh so pretty!
Love it.. Have a nice weekend.

LOve this!



GAH I've been looking for pants exactly like those! Very chic

Loving the way those pants sit on you! The fabric is absolutely perfect <3 Mmm I loooove ice cream and cocoa puffs. :) I'm awfully jealous of your hair!

Oh you look amazing,love it!!

love those pants sofia! and also like the way youve worn socks with your heels =D


helen x

Love this look!

xx from http://asianeyedgirl.blogspot.com

That outfit looks great! You can pull off anything, really! And lol @ your breakfast, if I eat that kind of stuff I get sick ;_; It's so yummy though!!

Fabulous look!

i missed your posts! great look. new england is the perfect setting for this outfit.

i had kraft easy mac a few days ago - before that, the last time i had microwavable easy mac was back in college!

so chic, masculine but feminie at same time. love

i really love this look!
and i laughed when i read "pwease"

I love that you can pull off this style, so many women would be afraid to mix in those masculine pieces. It looks so fantastic on you, and oh so chic!


i like ya pants

don't think you're the only one that likes to eat like a 5 yr old haha
love the outfit.

ah, i'm glad i came over from chictopia. the details are gorgeous. haha comfort eating for the win.

my breakfast was chocolate and jam, haha. love the outfit - stay warm! =)

This look is so amazingly chic! LOVE LOVE LOVE

I like the "androgyny" look! you pull it well! the shoes, the pants the scarf, love it all!

Love your scarf!!

hahaha..laughing out load :) you look so serious here :) but I think the real you is very jolly :)



so chic! love it :)


hahah I had pancakes and nutella for breakfast today. It was a good idea at the time. I'm kind of regretting it now though.

Love your outfit. I need to get me some trousers like yours in preparation for winter here.

gorgeous outfit!!! love the trousers!!! :)

I seriously cannot wait until it gets a little warmer in Toronto and I can start rolling up some of my Dad's old pants to recreate this look. Fab, fab.

love it! very pretty

I am just loving the pants!

Great great outfit ! Love the pants :D

Hi Sophia (from another Sofia...),
wow - what an uber stylish blog! :-D
I love your outfit postings very much!
Especially vintage pieces are so cool. I used to wear a lot vintage - then switched - but coming back to it - I love that those are almost unique items you won't see on anybody else.
Will visit again! :)

I haven't seen such nice combination for a long time. I like the way you wear these pants. The blazer and the shoes are to die for. I love it.

amazing outfit!!

ooooo so stylish. love those pants. been slowly tryna get myself into pants/trousers more lately...ever...so..slowly hehaehae

I love this outfit! I think it's so feminine. I like how you tie your scarves, too, and that you don't need any jewelry for this outfit.

Most of all, your photos remind me how much in awe I was of everything around me back when I was in college.... it was only 3 years ago, but it seems so far away!

I really like the unisex style , and especially how you managed to still give a touch of glamor with the top with the shiny black stones, great combo!

I love this outfit! So beautiful with all the layers of black and a neutral scarf to keep the look soft and lovely ;)

Stunning outfit!! Those pants are perfect!

The shoes + socks combo is awesome, I'd love to try to pull that off.

Thanks for the sweet comment on my ring, really appreciate it. Just came across your blog, love your diys (bet you'd do well in a jewelry class!) and use of monochrome. Also found it interesting that you're from Boston-- I'm in Providence, and can sympathize about the weather right now.

I likey how the jewels just kind of peek out under the scarf and blazer!! I munch like a 5 year old at work, powered by candy and pretty much anything sour :/ doesn't quite fly with the dentist huh?

Thanks for you cutie comment, I'll be back to blogging pretty soon since I somehow accidentally purchased a domain??? Scammed I say hehe


Ohmygahh, where is your coat haha!

I love how you threw in a touch of subtle glamour with the black rhinestones underneath the casual scarf/blazer.

Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous.

You've inspired me to grow out my hair! I like the cuffed trousers in this outfit a lot. And the choice of a stone and iron background is great with the outfit.

I've nominated you for the Best Blog award which you can check out on my blog! Just to let you know! :)

this look suits you so well. I love those trousers with the shoes - perfect combo!

You pull off the look with perfection. Those trousers look fabulous on you, and I adore those brogues!


those pants are perfection!
you really look perfect for a mens wear inspired look

Lovely outfit! :) I liked that Christopher Kane shirt a LOT but didn't get it because I didn't really know how to combine it with my clothes. Seeing you wear it makes me wish I'd bought it :p

Soooo cute! Love the tshirt!

couldn't be more stunning if you had tried
you really look amazing here! beyond!

I need to hire you as my shopping consultant because the way you dress is what I aspire to... and fail at haha

xo <3 gorgeous!
hope you are well muffin! xo

loooove this! I'm looking for a pants like those.. where did you get them?
you look so gorgeous! ;)

I wish the snow could go away so that I could dress like that as well!

love it! have u seen the posts i made about the shirt ?? big kiss shopie!

Love this look! Especially the wool trousers! xo

Fabulous look!

Love, Cindy.

great look. and fantastic photos, what camera do you use?
xx ediot

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i love the way you put this together! the pieces on their own are very understated but together they're like BANG! haha :)