I've been wanting to pair some sweat shorts with thigh highs for a long time now. I love the slim and laid back look it creates on the bottom especially when balanced with a heavier and more voluminous top. Looks like I finally have a use for my sweat pants! This scarf is one of my favourites. It's actually a cape but I like to use it as a humongous scarf instead. I can wrap it around 3 times until my head disappears into its folds. It's my monster scarf. RAWR.

Wearing 3 layers of F21 tanks, H&M blazer, sweat shorts, 2 layers of sheer tights, Zara thigh highs, gray jersey scarf, black knit scarf/cape, Chanel purse.
Same thigh-highs as me but WHY SO DIFFERENT FEEL. I hate love you. Good idea wearing it with sweats like that, me likeeey.

wow! this is an incredible outfit! i love the monochromaticity of it and all the layers!! inspiration right here.. now i have to find myself a hugewool scarf like that..

great idea sophia! your outfits always have such great dimension, even w/ just one color =)

love the scarf/cape!


Love the sweats + thigh-high combo! Well done :) Oh and can I steal your scarf/cape thingy? Pretty please? haha :)

The shorts look great with your boots!

this is so so amazing sophia! if i had thigh highs, i'd totally imitate it. and i really really love that giant scarf/cape.

Gorgeous! I love how you layer, such innovative and creative ideas :) You look super duper cozy <3 xo

I love this look so much and love the boots, too. Ohhhh! and I think I'll follow you about those ebay ankle boots. Lovely! ^^ Thank you for sharing.

i didn't even realize those were sweat shorts until i read the post! they look so great, especially with those boots! and that cape looks fabulous-both as a cape and a scarf!

gorgeous layers! :D

Oh my! I can't believe those are sweat shorts! I LOVE IT! You just made me happy and I love your style and how you threw these extremely simple sweat shorts into a wonderful outfit. Thank you! Also, love the oversized scarf. xoxo

Super! As always!
Love the layering

i love ur poncho! so chic :)


I haven't seen anyone look so good in sweats in a looong time. You look so cool with the poncho and you do all black looks like no other. Totally loving this. Also the overknee boots add a nice touch, love them. I wanted to get the same ones at Zara but they were all sold out in my size >.<

I love wearing sweats, but I never thought about wearing them this way. So thanks!

Maria x


gorgeous layering, amazing monochromatic ensemble! the gigantic scarf is the bomb!:)


love this look!!
ps i left an award for you on my blog!

I am now going to Zara and getting those thigh highs! Didn't know they had them! I'm glad they do though because I don't have access to Topshop.

Lovely outfit, love the shorts an OTK boots :)


I love huge scarves (or in this case, capes! :D) like these! I always feel so cuddly and warm. Wow, and this look is so classy and every-day. love it! it's so incredibly you.

gahhh i need those boots!

really an great outfit. you look so good!

xx ediot

You make wearing sweat pants actually LOOK GOOD (and not like you're going to the gym)!
Kudos - another fantastic outfit =)

I love the drapery of the cape / shawl.

And wow. I like the sweatpants the way you wear them. Normally I hate them.

As pretty as possible for destiny

i couldnt even tell those were sweatpants!!....shorts. looks great!


Nice! I wish I could rock me some thigh highs, but I'm just too tall:(

You have a wonderful blog and a gorgeous taste of style!

I follow you


Rawr indeed! I love monster scarves. Definitely the best comfort on those bone chillingly cold days. And THREE layers?! Brrrrrrrrrrr
P.S. brilliant idea with the sweats. I need a pair to wear with heels too, mwahaha

really like how you've worn the boots with the shorts,you look lovely.

I wanted to get those boots last fall, but I live in a tropic climate. You wore it really well!

may i now crown you the queen of layering genius?

you look so chic and wearable! love the scarf soo much! and that sweat pants!

I really like your blog and recently flipped back through it. I came across your post about fashion related things that you can not tolerate - and I just posted a pic of myself in a purple velvet dress with a pink coach wristlet. Ha. It just made me laugh. (You might actually gag if you saw my outfit :)

Anyway I love your style, and this outfit has so much texture, it makes it so interesting.


beautiful! love your boots!


wow! those scarf and boots !! awesome ans i love when u did layering :))
have a nice day :))


yudia aiiu


Iv wanted Sweat shorts for a while too was tempted to buy sweatpants and cut the legs off! Looks great on you by the way!

Also, Just wanted to let you know I have features one of your looks in my latest post: http://www.thefashioncloud.com/categories/high-higher-highest/

Hope you like it


i want that scarf!

and your hair


@ Sue ahh, nothing beats those pink thigh highs! ...
@ Sue

ahh, nothing beats those pink thigh highs! haha. in case people are wondering what sue and i are talking about, these: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjgwE8GH-_U

amazing outfit, I really love it <3

The outfit is so cool, and so is the rest of your blog! I cant believe that I havent discovered your blog earlier:O I have already linked you to my blog, and thanks for sharing!



yay for the new boots!
love the layering:)

the boots are awesome.. =)

xoxo cla

those boots are amazing!! love your style

do you want to link exchange??



Love the wrap! looks so chic and comfy

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gorgeous outfit sofia! and i LOVE those jeffrey campbell boots from your last post! is it part of this seasons??


Just stumbled on your blog : I LOVE it.
You have such amazing style,
and those boots are rad.
panda xx

me too! I just stumbled across your blog; and I love it!

You have inspired me.



love how the shorts end just above the boots

I love this, incredible outfit. The black folds of fabric look so good with thigh highs. Amazing.

love the look. I also have a huge monster cape/scarf-thingy, teal, got it in Italy, so soft. I do the same thing, much better as massive scarf than a cape. :)

Fabulous idea! I bought a pair of gray sweatpants from Forever 21 & cut them like shorts like I saw on Garance Dore's blog...but I've been unsure how to wear them without looking 'sloppy'. Cannot wait to wear them now with my Topshop over the knee boots! Merci!