I need to post more often! Argh. Lately, I've been in school from sunrise to sunset making it difficult to get back home on time to snap photographs with ample sunlight (if any) left. By the end of the day, my eye bags are also practically drooping to the floor. Not a good look. Here are a few detail shots from today. Less of me, more details.

Talking about details, last night the boy and I went to see A Single Man. It is a breathtakingly beautiful film of the protagonist's last day. Perhaps beautiful to the point of distraction. I found myself narrowing my attention on minutiae: the scenes bouncing between fully saturated to nearly monochromatic, how the last button on cuffs were left unbuttoned, the perfectly folded pocket squares, the pink cigarettes. If that wasn't enough visual candy, Jon Kortajarena plays an aspiring actor/prostitute from Madrid. Aline Weber also appears briefly in the film as a sultry student in Professor Falconer's class. So good.

Wearing Kimchi Blue scalloped tweed jacket, vintage silk blouse, vintage leather shorts, Chanel purse, Jeffrey Campbell wedge boots.
Hey there, I was wondering how the JC wedge fit. Are they comfy?
Cute outfit btw!

@Mel they're super comfy.

they're super comfy.

love the shoes!

ah your outfit is gorgeous, I love everything!

lovelove, M.

i adore every single piece. the idea of leather with the formal tweed is great and i love the shoes.

the movie sounds like just my cup of tea, now i can't wait for it to come out!

love how all your outfits are perfectly balanced.

very rad. you look fab. following you!

i love your shoes

haahh i can relate to u so well.. i always hurry to go back home so i can snap some shots..
i love the shoes.. definitely a greta alternative if u love rick owens' s/s2010 boots

usually I'm not a fan of tweed. But this is amazing! paired with the leather shorts is perfect!


it kind of looks like you're ice skating in the second picture!

so jealous of those leather shorts. whenever i try to look for a pair on ebay i get scared away by the results. maybe i'll do a search to exclude the words "booty" and "exotic." lol.

love the boots! you look so classic here, like a Chanel model

Love this outfit. It's the perfect mix of classic and trend based pieces!

Love everything you're wearing!
But how are you not cold?! I bundle up in 2 layers of pants and 3 jackets when it's 40 degrees!

Love these shoes!! I get so happy when I put those shoes on. Anyways, the tweed jacket is amazing. Love this outfit and pics!

Absolutely great outfit. Those boots are to die for.
I am looking forward to A Serious Man, hopefully Robin and I will see it tomorrow! I have heard that it is almost overwhelmingly beautiful, to the point of distraction.

This is not helping my cause to not buy those shoes! They look great on you. Hope things at school are going well.

oh man. been craving these shoes for a while now...
love your blog =)

aaah i love those shoes!! great outfit, lovin the shorts! i need to see that movie, glad to hear a review! thanks!


omg!! those shoes are just to die for! :D

Great outfit. Love how you even wore gray socks! Really pulls everything together. Yeesh...I'm so glad there's no snow around here. Couldn't imagine trying to make the treacherous trek thru powder in 4 inch platforms!

that blazer is so pretty, the length is perfect for your proportions!

I loved the film too and made me nostalgic for the pink ciggies which I used to smoke.

You are magnificently stylish. Following your blog from now on for inspiration.


one of the things i'll miss most about living in a 4 seasons country is being able to wear coats and stockings. absolutely gorgeous outfit you've pulled together here - love the wedges and socks esp.

A Single Man sounds like a beautiful film. i'll have to pick it up to watch.

love the wedges and the blazer!
Your skin color looks so good in the snow background!!

The shoes are amazing!!

gorgeous tweed jacket.

you look gorgeous! i love your shoes so much. great outfit!!


Look cute! The wedges are nice too!


this is so beautiful. I love the wedge boots, the zipper is neat!!

I love the jacket a lot!


Love it, of course! I need leather shorts.

Hmm, I've been debating on whether or not to get those shoes..afraid they might be a bit too popular for me but they're still so awesome !
As for A Single Man, I really want to see that film!!! Colin Firth plays such an interesting character...

i need some good leather shorts like yours.


@ lin! luckily, it wasn't 40 degrees out! i h...
@ lin!

luckily, it wasn't 40 degrees out! i have 2 layers of tights on here and an undershirt, too. bostonians complain about the winter so much, but i think all of us make it through just fine :o)

so perfect it's not even funny.
i need those shooooooes! and a fab pair of leather shorts.

Those shoes LOOK fab!

oh gosh i looooooooooooove the wedge boots. been thinking about getting them but i honestly have too many shoes that are wedged, suede and black! I'm dying to watch A Single Man. I really hope it comes out in HK ):

Those boots! *hearts in my eyes*

the wedges are awesome! love the outfit!

Clothes Are Cute
Clothes Are Cute

Love this look! Those vintage leather shorts are the find of a lifetime!

I love your avant garde sense of style! It makes me so happy that you exist in Boston!

Jeffrey Campbell wedge boots!!!

i love your boots! i saw that they were back in stock at need supply ... but i was too late and they are out of my size! they look so amazing on you!

Those wedges...I want a pair!!!

Holler at a fellow Chictopian @ deathbyplatforms.blogspot.com

your wedges are too cool. really loving the tweed and leather combo its amazing :)

This is so beautiful and the wedges look amazing! The fitted blazer looks great with the shorts and the shots are great! I love your blog!

Oh so stylish! Amazing outfit, and I love your wedges.