Some time has passed since my last outfit post mainly because Boston has been absolutely frigid. I figured posting photos of me waddling around in down jackets and double layered pants would be frightening. So much so you'd feel the need to revoke my blogging privileges. Today was quite different--we reached a whopping 47 degrees F! Some Bostonians celebrated by wearing shorts. I, on the other hand, celebrated by wearing my new shoes. The celebration was cut short when I stepped in a mud puddle the instant I left home (note the mud in the close-up shot). Smooth. Anyway, if you're digging the shoes, you can get them here.

OMG!! I love those boots, those are exactly what I have been craving for months now. but I have no money! Love your look very chic! <3

i love how londoners and bostonians think exactly the same. it's so warm when it's "47" degrees huh haha! love the shoes. so very jeffrey campbell/burberry hahah

I heaaaaart those booties! What a cutie you are! xx

OMG SOPHIE, that is the seller that I've been bugging in Gmarket to do International shippinggggggggg, I sent him a nice polite long note schmoooozing and I got a pathetic reply saying 'Sorry, we don't ship abroad.'...garh thank you so much.

Ooh, can we have more shots of the shoes? They're gorgeous!

How the heck do you find places like thes en Ebay? I've been searching for those Zara look alike wedges!

Patricia Ann

hurray for badass boots!!! :D

love the boots!! theyre perfect

sorry, you're SOPHIA, not sophie. I guess I was a little too hyper.

@ Shini haha. it happens.
@ Shini

haha. it happens.

Man, those shoes look so kick ass. Thanks for the link. The seller has so many things I want. My savings sigh at you.

gorgeous! i need to pick up a similar pair the next time i'm in korea! :)

Those boots are AMAZING.. They don't come in my size though :(

A part of me died when I saw those boots. Absolute perfection! Thanks for the link, I can oggle for hours now and online windowshop :) I love the little knee-patches on your leggings <3

Boots are made for splashing in the mud!

And I don't step out in shorts until it reaches 75˚.

i love ur shoes! u look so chic! and i just got similar leather pants today. they look so great on u! :))

i love those boots

looks cool and easy. love the boots.
where are your pants from?

You look so fab! Love the beanie and those shoes!

those shoes are beautiful.
they might just be able to satisfy my need for the burberry platform boots.


I'd love to see a close-up shot of your handbag.

stunning, love the boots!

Looove the boots. The whole outfit is perfect.

I love such shirts. Amazing set.

You look amazing as always. Those boots are incredible!!!

cool boots! you're amazing

i wana buy the harness platforms.. thanks for introducing the site. mwahhh
love ya always

I wish it could be that warm here :( its freezing. and wow, you look so chic! i love that sweater and the shoes and the hat...basically everything :) and i wish i had long hair like yours!

47 degrees is...warm? and time for shorts??!! *shudders at thought*

i really like the outfit. esp the knit with those pants. great combo.
hope youre having an great outfit

Simply stunning
Love the simplicity of the outfit yet you ouze fashion :)

FashionCloud your new follower..^^
these days im browsing from blogs to blogs..
then ta~daa! i found yours which really make me love over heels to your style n your diy projects..
since i guess im not a person with a full of creativity mind your diy projects fancy me so much..^__^
you are very creative and also very simple at the same time..
aww! i guess i fall to your blogs n your style..~~ <3

love this outfit, and the boots are super cute! Can't believe you said 47 degrees is warm though...sounds pretty cold to me!! (then again, I've never seen snow being from cali)

oh, and what brand is the top? love the looseness of it

really nice hat...gonna get me one of those;)

Love the shoes, and I feel your pain. It's hard to look chic when you're freezing and have no choice but to don a huge jacket...

Nice outfit!!
You have a nice blog/style!!

love your outfit, and the SHOES! i'm considering them; they're a great alternative to the burberrys.

Ah I love those shoes...just checked out the ebay store and they have a ton of GREAT shoes...My wallet is going to hate me tomorrow!! Thanks for the tip!

I love this looks she’s like a rocking rock star.

The boots are absolutely gorgeous. I love it.

great simple look. I took pictures on the same day! it was so nice and warm. I was wearing short sleeves..but now with all this snow..back to inside posts.
really like your blog- ive added you to my blogroll :)

wonderfull look and boots!!

great look, the boots are awesome.

Clothes Are Cute
Clothes Are Cute

subtle and beautiful.. i totally dig the shoes

i love your outfits. amazing shoes!

OMG! love your boots!

amazing amazing amazing.
i love the boots

wow sweet boots. pretty good knockoffs! that seller had some good ones. thanks for the link.

Fantastic boots. Love how you paired them with these pants.

hey i've just discovered your blog !
you absolutely have the BEST style with the fashion goodies (ehem those boots..)!

id be glad to add you to my 'amazing asians' blog roll :D

hope you'll drop by my blog too :D
glisters. and blisters.

these photos are great. clicked through that ebay store and wahhhh so many knockoffs hahahabut soooo great!!!

amazing look!! i love it so much

Those boots are one of the nicest I've seen of that kind. But I seriously should stop buying tempting...:P

the leather shoes look very cool and military feeling, very good

wowowow amazing boots!

amazing boots, you are looking cool in this outfit.