Another pair of shoes to add to the collection, but I'm sure this one wins in the "most lethal" department. I wore them out a few times already and people's eyes instantly drift to my feet. I also managed to impale my own feet a few times...ouch. I'm making a very convincing case to try this DIY out, right?

amazing !! nicely done!

Omg these are amazing!!!! They are a great DIY alternative to the Louboutin pair that I reckon will cost you an arm and a leg (versus a bloody finger or two). What kind of shoe did you use here? Was it relatively thin?

so stunning my love!

Those are amaaazing!!! Love them! Ooo and they double as a weapon - double sweet!

SO cool! :D
But how do you bend the ends of the studs / use the plier at the deepest point? Can you reach it?

ps. I think I'm becoming obsessed over how good your diy's are. Never seen them executed better and with more originality!

Amazing! These look like they were professionally-made. I'd love to try something like this, but I'd be terrified of ruining the shoes.

Sooo cool. Remind me of the loubs sooo much. Must try thiss!

Sexy. I like how it has studs on the side too. Very dangerous :p


so cool!

Amazing shoes, these are so cool! Well done :)

Simply amazing!

If that's their effect, then i need a pair just like them :)

haha, that's so funny.. people probably think you bought them as a weapon! come to think of it, they kind of are.. and i love them!

Duuude (dudess?) love that you put the studs in a glass cup. You know, here was me thinking studs and spikes are going out but i don't think that'll happen in a long time when you're coming out with diys like this. I love youu <3 (Oh btw, I'm wearing the craaaaaap out of your preety spikes+bedazzle necklace but never seem to get the opportunity to photograph it, its kinda sad. Well, just in case you're wondering :P)

sweet. after seeing studded louboutin flats i really wanted to stud some of my owns shoes.
now to find the right ones...

lol... I kind of missed out on the "bend the prongs fully inward" last time I studded one of my shoes.. not to be recommended!!

i love it, you do the best "lethal" diy's! =)

Love this! This is so cool, I want to do a DIY too, but never have done anything with studs before! Maybe I should start, love your DIYS!


im glad i stopped by tonight.. you've inspired me.. going out to jazz up some pieces right now!

Nice! Great DIY :)

those are awesome

Those, are way too freaking fantastic! Thanks for posting a DIY ;) Need to add some to my to-do list <3

i keep saying ever DIY you do is the best ever. This takes the cake. Holy shit. I prefer yours to the loubies.

These are so rad!

so freakin' amazing. you are the best at diy projects!

these are soo amazing, i love them! :)

I thought about diy-ing a pair of these awhile back! But then I forgot about it and moved on to a handful of other unfinished project. Sigh. Such is the way I suppose. I'm really liking how you did yours!

so badass!!!!
it would be so shocking for some people who dont care much about fashion to see you around wearing that!!! you have such an angelic face and yet your shoes are so ready for battle!! haha!!! i love it!!! :D you're cool!

I think you're a big inspiration to all of us. I want to see you wearing them ;)

So cool! Who needs mace..when you got these!

Killer shoes! Can't wait to see you rockin' them. xx

Ohhh so awesome! Really cool I wanna try this! xx

Your so creative! I really like reading stuff like this <3

i want! must figure out how to make these

awesome, will definately try on my old loafers! real creative stuff here thanks!

i wanna buy, so yes!

very louboutin! going to gather up some studs right now!

really,thanks for your comment and i love the shoes. you could sell your creations, i would buy them!!xoxox

so kewl! Love all your DIY posts :)

Wow! Gorgeous <3

i'll never be able to do something like that, and it is probably why I read your blog almost every day . You're so talented and inspiring.
C'est magnifique !

oh my, great job!! Love them :) I only discovered your blog recently, but boy do I love it, great DIY's!

Wow I love these shoes, such a great DIY! I recently discovered your blog and it is fantastic, all of your DIYs look so professional and the photography is great too.

I hope you don't mind but I loved your embellished tights so much that I used them in an inspiration post (of course I linked back to you) and am planning to make some before winter begins in Australia.


Absolutely love this DIY! The loafers are on a whole new level.

xo, Becs

nice shoe! your very creative. i like that.

I noticed your blog post, you really love punk rock styles and outfits. You are very innovative to have thought of putting spikes on these shoes.

Love this! You are so creative! The best tutorials!!


completely in love with these ! I may have to use that tutorial to make my own :) thank you.
xoxo - clm

Those are amazing. I must put it on my diy to do list.

i was wondering if....if it would be at all possible...for you to make another one of those lovely, absolutely stunning white sheer-feather shirts? i've adored it ever since laying eyes on it. i'd try to make my own, however i'm a single mom of a 5-year-old, which equals no time for DIY. i would be more than happy to buy it.
my birthday is friday! yay.
i'll be 26, ugh.

cool looks but doesn't it itches on the leg..??? I doubt it. certificate iv