The Christopher Kane x Topshop alligator tee is ubiquitous, worn by fashion insiders, outsiders and everyone in between. I purchased mine the instant it hit stores but consequently grew too discouraged to wear it anywhere outdoors fearing I'd look like another sheep in the Christopher Kane flock. I guess I worry too much. This is what happens to all good and beautiful things. So I wear my alligator tank indoors while lounging around eating pistachios and catching up on my magazines. Stylish afternoons, indeed.
it's bizarre this collective conscious we have now about fashion, isn't it? i feel the same about the whole rodarte for target line. i love what i bought, but when i see a girl on the street or on another blog with the identical dress, i have a weird repulsion, yet i'm also oddly cosmically connected to her.

YAY!!!! I kind of love it!

woo woo! looks sooo amazing on u!

i know what you mean. i resist wearing popular items with that same fear.

your apartment is gorgeous. any chance of an apartment tour in photos or videos one day?

yayayay! i'm still lusting over christopher k...

i'm still lusting over christopher kane's gorilla tees and his new atomic bomb ones. damn $$$

p.s. what settings do you put on your camera to take pictures? these ones are so crisp and clear and bright!

@ Alice i know, christopher kane really knows how...
@ Alice

i know, christopher kane really knows how to get to us.

my dslr is set to take RAW images some of the time so i can tweak settings afterwards, too. the lighting was especially good that day and the f-stop was pretty high from what i remember.

Stylish and comfortable afternoons!

ur apartment looks so nice :D
u look good and comfortable wearing that outfit :)

You look wonderful and so comfortable!

cute i love it!!

Gorgeous! :)

Looks amazing!

Your apartment is so sweeeeeeeet. I just die every time I see you in it. It's perfect for you - minimal and full of life.


I gotta say I'm one of those many that own the ubiquitous Christopher Kane tee. I bought it the first day the collection arrived in the store. Luckily for me...I may be the only person in Vancouver to own one....most ppl think it's just a cool silk screen......little do they KNOW!!! Bwahah.

And there ain't nuthin wrong with doubling up purposes of your faves. I sleep in a lot of my looser clothes :)


i know what u mean! I had a beautiful leopard coat, but i sold it the minute i saw everyone was wearing one :s

Oh, don't do that! It gorgeous! But, I guess, I have to agree with you on not wanting to wear something everyone else is wearing... I did the same a year ago :S

You look so gorgeous! And that tank is super cute; definitely trumps what i wear indoors haha. is that your new flat? can't see a lot of it, but i love the clean and chic look of it!

hi dear. i have that one in a dress. i have not seen anybody in "real life" in it so i dont really care about the fact that everyone has it. but if i buy an item i love from some of the stores like h&m i some times wait a year to wear it so that not everybody has the same item on.. if you just wait a year not that many will be wearing it. i Love that dress and i cant wait for spring to wear it with boots and jeanshorts..

your look is beautiful! and even your taste in interior design is wonderful: I love that collection of vintage glasses and bottles arranged in that way on the windowsills ... simple, straightforward but very effective, fantastic!

You look stunning, but that is precisely why I very rarely buy anything that is the hight street 'must buy' for the season. If its a 'must buy' then so many people WILL BUY it and it kinda takes away the whole point of it? Don't you think?

yer so cute.. i bet it would make a good pyjama too! hehe


I think it's a bit worse with these "it" items that are instantly recognizable, but honestly... I'd rather buy something I really want even if EVERYONE and their mother is going to have it as well. Why place that regret in your life? :P


i love kane!!

check out my blog - i write about him on there!