One of my new year's resolutions was to wear less black. Clearly, I am already failing on day 7. Pat on the back. But I'm not too bothered by this. It's classic, effortless, and energy efficient. You're probably wondering what the latter even means. Y'know, black absorbs sun rays and heat, and on these inhumanely cold days I could use as much of this sun-basking ectothermic / poikilothermic action I can. Excuses excuses.

The faux fur vest I'm wearing here has been a recent favourite of mine--it has more or less assumed the role of second skin. Based on how long winters last here, I started thinking of more of these furry investments. The immediate images that popped into my head were the Martin Margiela wig coats from as early as 1995. The Spring 2009 reiteration was genius. I'm so fascinated by it, that I'm certain if I do purchase another furry (or hairy) piece of outerwear it'd be as disturbing as Margiela's. Perfectly put by SHOWstudio, "it is an adornment which repels and yet, oddly, manages to seduce."

Now, where on earth would I be able to purchase a piece like this? Naturally, my DIY mind started envisioning solutions, the Fashematics way.

Do I have the guts to purchase bagfuls of black wigs to wear on my shoulders? Maybe on a day when I'm more caffeinated and feeling more heroic.

i currently live in boston. or do you mean where i'm originally from?

Gorgeous, I love the texture :) You could definitely pull off the wigs on the shoulders! It'd be an easy DIY <3

Hi Sophia!
Great coat! (Maybe not do the full-on wigs on the shoulders thing?? Scale it back a little and reinterpret so you can wear the piece for a few more seasons? Just a thought!)

Anyway, I nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger award - check it out here:

Keep the great & fashionable posts coming!

Never stop wearing black, it suits you....beautiful


i think the wigs go a little to far for me. I love your vest though, and those shoes are amazing!

The fur looks amazing on you!

Love love the furry vest that you have with those boots! And girl,even if you wear black alot still. I'll always love love your amazing style.

I did a shoutout to you on my blog a few days back heeeee

i lovvee ur fur vest, so gorgeous! i love wearing lots of black too, it's always so chic!! u look amazing here :)


Now, why would you wear less black? I love black - it goes with everything! And it makes my eyes pop ^^,

I love it, please make the DIY, it's brillant!

love this outfit! you have the most beautiful clothes.

I'm actually currently hunting for some black wigs to attach to the shoulders of an elastic cage dress I made... not sure where I'm going to wear it, even in crazy Oxford, but you know!

Oh I love that vest!

I can imagine why you broke your resolution, black is great! Love your look!

so genius i love it cant wait to see what you come up with:)xxscisi

This outfit is amazing, this faux fur and your boots are stunning!! You got such an amazing style <3

Woot! You should go for it!

aaahh!!! i love fashematics!!!!!
i'd love to see you wear those wigs.. even just for fun! D:

@ Anonymous 2:13am

the shoes are from s. korea. i bought them off ebay. i double-checked on the seller, and i don't think the store is open anymore. booo

@ Valencia

aw thanks sweetie. btw, i really like the new look of your blog. it's ultra-clean and puts more emphasis on all your pretty photos and outfits. woo woo.

@ libys11 YES. i love fashematics. as of late, my...
@ libys11

YES. i love fashematics. as of late, my obsessive guilty pleasures have been a combination of bad k-pop + the oatmeal + fashematics.

i love your black outfits! you have such an amazing personal style!xx


aha gotcha. i was born in shanghai but grew up here in the states.

love your outfit. and about the margiela hair.. it is over the top- and i would too have to be more than a wee bit drunk to diy something similar,.. but you go ahead-cuz i wanna see! hehe
take care and have a great weekend.
xx ediot

Baha, same here with the guilty pleasures. I didn't know many other people new about the oatmeal xD he's so funny.
And yeah..i remember when I was obsessed with k-pop too..especially DBSK hahaha.

I totally think you could do a detachable wig jacket and then you could wear it with a bunch of different colored wigs. Haha, maybe a little much.

hey came across your outfit => blog on chictopia,love your style!
i'm a big fan of Margiela as well, especially there's this one pair of black sock-looking boots i'm lusting over, unfortunately they're too expensive...
anyways, just wanted to say hi!


I really love your fur top but really hate the wig thing, its a little weird and creepy!

I'd love to see you do a wig jacket DIY! If anyone and do it, it's you.

Your all black ensemble is beautiful, you look so chic and cozy.

i think if anyone could pull this off, it would have to be you. do it! i want to see pictures. also hey thank you so much for your book reccomendations, i have been wanting to read sarte forever but i never knew where to begin. i did enjoy camus very much, the stranger was one of my favorite reads last year and i'm looking forward to re-reading it in 2010.

i love the fur :)

and those wigs are crazy! haha


OH MY GOD that wig coat is my current project!!! I ordered the wigs the other day

Ok....this is a DIY I've been dying to do too! I know a girl that works in one of those salons that only sells hair pieces and have been tempted to put it together. I suck at sewing/construction so it's been on the back burner....let me know if you go ahead and do it! I'd love some instructions :)

oh yayyy those boots. i rmb sha wanted them and she soo should've got them. sooo cool!!! and wig coats?? hmm a bit too fraeky for me lol gives me the heebeejeebees!!

happy (belated) newyear! I don't mind you going wrong with your resolutions, you look so inspiring wearing black! love your shoes. now go get some coffee and buy a bag full of wigs to wear on your shoulders, I'm sure you will rock it!

@ Ilse i absolutely love the conviction you speak...
@ Ilse

i absolutely love the conviction you speak with. you've nearly convinced me to go do that right now. perhaps i will give this a real try.



love the fur!!!!
A M A Z I N G.


I will never tire of all black outfits. It's so classic, classy, neat and sexy. I love your fur vest too!

Loving the outfit :)
A propos hair pieces... I'm about to pull out my black coat.

surprenantes les photos mais j'adore..quel effet

absolutely gorgeous!

i say just do the wig thing!