I'm pleased to announce the winner of the leather disc cardigan is entry #121, Maike from Unicorn Elegance!

To the other readers who stopped by and said hello, I just want to say a huge thanks. I wasn't expecting such a warm response--big hugs and kisses to all of you. I hope that you will be back in the future as I enjoy reading all of your blogs and comments. Love.

So I was thinking we could turn this into an interactive post. What are some DIYs you've been thinking of trying? Post a link or share an image. Maybe we can all together help each other with suggestions (where to find the supplies, techniques, etc)!

Image source: Vogue China, July 2009, photographed by Camilla Akrans
Congratulations :)!

I've recently been wanting to DIY a zipper necklace


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Etsy has zippers to get you started on your necklace. Good luck!

Congrats, Maike!

I've been wanting to make a Granny Square sweater that's all long and drapey. I don't have a pic - just an image in my head (making it a bit harder!)


Congrats to Maike!
I think...a tulle skirt with attached suspenders would be kool. For a light, spring theme it could be a light turquoise shade and pastel coloured buttons attached to the suspenders.
For a darker theme, the skirt could be a rich, dark red, with black rope braided together to form the suspenders.
I just gave myself quite a few ideas haha.
Love your blog!


Oh goodness! I wish I entered the contest. That cardigan is gorgeous.

@ Jess & Auburn Not Red

gotta love YKK. i was thinking about it a bit more and you can really get fun experimenting with different colour schemes, like pastel pinks, eggshell blue and sea foam greens for a spring-appropriate necklace --> http://www.etsy.com/search_results.php?search_type=supplies&search_query=zippers+pastel

also, chunky vintage zippers might be pretty too.

@ Wallflower

ah, both sound divine. i can see the frothy tulle of the first and the dark romanticism of the second. try both! for the darker one, some ideas from acne:



i want mirrors in my oxfords!!!! i saw it one of the posts of liz if im correct (http://popcultureafternoon.blogspot.com/)

I really, really want to DIY a pair of boots... from scratch. It's been pretty impossible to get much information on how, though!

dang it! lol! ur giveaway was amazing! congrats to maike! :)



Ive been wanting to do a DIY necklace I saw on http://theglamourai.blogspot.com/ but when I went to Michael's they had a crappy selection of chains....I think maybe Ill use some of my old ones.


I'm an absolute DIY freak - currently trying to work out how I can make a Zana-style leather harness, and making my 3-hole dress in some other fabrics...


congrats to Maike! thank you always for doing such great projects and being such an inspiration. i look forward to reading your blog this year!

Nice to see these diy ideas! :)
And will you also be making similar cardis for sale? Because it is out of this world!

I wanna make jersey maxi dresses, and long skirts with draping!
Happy new year!


Congratulations to Maike, it's a beautiful cardi.

I'm knitting a little cardi for myself now, and I want to try making a tulle vest with layers of ruffles all over. Would love some colour suggestions from everyone else!

congrats maike! super jealous!
My next diy is a plain tee, but I'm hoping to get one of the engineers at uni to let me use the laser cutters in the labs to cut a really clean 'trees-at-night' silhouette around the neckline. it'd be a nice change from my usual uniform of scoop necks or shirts! x

Probably finish the jeans I'm ripping and painting and finish the tee I'm shredding for this project I'm doing. The project is re-designing the four main characters of wizard of oz, I'm making everything with the end result being a photoshoot...

your DIYs are so inspirational. everything you've ever made is so quality. i really admire that


I just finished making a skirt that was inspired by this
I made if out of leftover red velvet and some matching braided trim.
I also now have a studded, shredded white shirt :)
Now, I'm working on a DIY version of the burberry draped skirt (like the one on style hurricane), except with sheer purple floral fabric.

leather anklet cuffs. I have been looking to get into DIY ankle wear for the spring summer but not sure how they might look. any suggestions?

love this blog!
I cannot believe you made that cardigan! so inspirational.

I bought some fabric with the intent of making a sew-less kind of drapey vest. It'll require some precise cutting with a very sharp pair of scissors. The fabric has been sitting around for a while and I need to get moving soon.

I also want to resume designing jewelry with mixed materials (i.e. fabric, beads, stones, chains, recycled plastic) and based on mathematical and scientific themes/patterns. Just gotta find time to carry out the ideas...

I've been thinking about making diy leather arm warmers! As inspired by TheDivinitus :) I don't know how to begin though so far as where to get good leather that's relatively inexpensive.

what a great blog! i <3 it!

i am having a silly little give-a-way on my site - take a peek!


i am obsessed with these margiela leather gloves that divinitus is wearing here (she wears them so well!):


there seems to be a good selection of fingerless, elbow-length gloves on eBay, but i might have to sew them to make them fit snugly and cut out the thumb part.

Congrats to the winner! I wish I could do more DIY's, but lately I haven't had the time to do any! I did however find some nice ones over at COS: http://www.cosstores.com/ (click on 'things', then scroll down)