New giveaway finally up! After an embarrassingly long time, I've mustered up the energy to complete this leather disc cardigan that I first started here. Many moons, wrinkles, red fingers and strained eye muscles later, it's done done done--please pardon me as I cackle out of delight, muahaha. Putting this together was as straightforward as it could get, but it was the grunt work that really did me in. I decided to pair it today with some silk trousers (which I altered in a rush), Jil Sanders, and a sheer tank.

Let's do a giveaway!

Leave a comment on this post and I'll select one on Tuesday, January 5th at 8pm. I'll announce the winner on my Twitter, so be sure to follow. Finally, stop by my Bloglovin' so not to miss any new posts!

Disco meets Hells Angels. Stunner!

crazy effort! a beautiful finish

WOW that cardigan is truly amazing!

soft x hard, lovely mix in a cardi!

Love this cardigan<3 I cant believe you giving it away after all that hard work! amazing give away:)

ooh pick me pick me! always love ur DIYs. happy new year!

the hard work paid off. it's lovely!

very cool jacket :)

This is amazing.

beneaththestarscape at gmail dot com

Awesome cardigan !
I send you my wishes for an
*Aceness Year 2010*

Kisses from Paris,
x x x

PS : Ack I forgot !
My email is mathyld {at} gmail {dot} com

this cardi is so much better than the topshop one! excellent work..

the result looks great!

holy moley that looks amazing.

I'd love to see that cardigan in motion. I too can't believe your giving it away... What pleasurable aesthetic.

this piece is amazing.
it must be hard to part with it.

it turned out wonderful!!

What a perfect Bday present to have (January Baby). such an amazing cardi to set off my new year. Here goes nothing. Love your DIY's. Seriously considering doing my own to save money on shopping and a good way to want to look different from the average fashion trend. Thanks!
Contact (if I win):

this is WAYYY too amazing.

Holy Crap, Thats amazing!

That is so amazing! You did an excellent job on that cardigan and I absolutely loooove it! That is something I could never do :(.


i can't believe you're giving this away after all that hard work! it's gorgeous...kinda like scales or paillettes, but not :)

that is beyond gorgeous!!!!

btw, hope you don't mind me adding you up in my blog links.. thanks!

This is beautiful. I recently discovered your blog and i love your style and all the diys. Keep up the awesome work!

That is gorgeous!

Wow! Now that's dedication.

Seriously awesome piece!

I'd be honored to wear it :}


holy crap. that's amazinggg! loveee it! please enter me. :) happy new year!


LOVELY cardigan, honestly, lovely!

Leather never looked so good! GREAT DIY! PS Pick me!

beautiful cardigan. I absolutely love your blog!! XO, Amber Danese


That is so gorgeous!

awesome job, my fingertips started aching when I saw the cardigan, then my hand cramped up when you said you had to cut all the circles out by hand!

how. fuckingmazingly. beautiful. and fresh!
this will definitely make those awful new england winters more stylish :)


just knowing that someone put so much effort and love into making this jacket makes me want it even more! pick me! :)

me me me me me!!! :-)

i think you need a trip to m&j trim on 6th ave. in manhattan. if i recall correctly, they have large leather circles. if i didn't recall correctly, they were probably large sequin circles... in any case, you'll find lots of great stuff for d.i.ys.

@koko i actually passed m&j today! i didn...

i actually passed m&j today! i didn't go in though. it'll definitely be on my agenda next time and save myself the blistered fingers in the future haa

Oh wowee, this is definitely a great DIY! :) So chic and ah, just love the texture!

U are crazy talented!! The cardi is amazing <3

Gorgeous, the texture and everything is just astonishing. I remember seeing this in the makings oh-so many moons ago and I was in awe. Excellent job, the result is fantastic :)

Wow! That jacket is just somethin' else!! It's fabulous!
laura gerencser at roadrunner dot com

holy crap this is beautiful! how could you spend so much time on something this fantastic and then give it away? I appreciate!

AMAZING CARDIGAN!!! I love the creativity :-) //

awesome possum

Must've been really tedious..I can only imagine. The result is awesome though! Great work!

P.S. You're beautiful :)

gorgeous! Count me in

liis177 at gmail dot com

Love all your DIY project!! Very inspiring!!! XxX

o wow, isnt that the most gorgeous and one-of-a-kind cardigan ever made?? YES IT IS! i would love to win this DIY for my birthday in 3 weeks :D:D:D:D:D:D

The jacket is amazing! You are so talented girl!

I'm really in love with it! (if you pick me... pls?)

Ooooo i love it!!!

That's beautiful! Lovely work, I always procrastinate with DIY projects. Love it!


Gorgeous, gorgeous, and gorgeous! I still can't believe you cut out all the circles plus all the smaller circles. Well persistence paid off in this uniquely concentric leather dangle cardi!

Ah it's so generous of you to give away your "baby" like that. I wouldn't if I were you :/
I love the jacket and would pay good money for it. Hopefully I'm lucky this time round :)

hey dear. deathbyplatforms from Chictopia here. oh my goodness! you're a genius! this DIY is awesome...i love it! and i love the trousers and pumps! love the styling. i hope i get picked. but wait, will you be able to ship to the Philippines? :)

you can also reach me thru my blog:

EEEK! i love it, count me in! :)


Wow! I can't believe you put all that time and work into this stunning piece! (BTW...I know it's a little late by now...but you can always use a rotating leather punch tool for punching smaller holes in the leather discs-- like $15 at Jo-Ann fabrics or a leather shop. Next time!:-)

Heaven. Insanity. Drool. I would love to be lucky enough to win this, but alas, luck is not a lady for me - luck usually tends to treat me like Esteban Cortazar and his split from Ungaro. You make me want to believe in the fashion gods again!;-P

Thanks for this giveaway!
carlyjcais at hotmail dot com

Def. check out my DIY's on my blog if you get a chance!

i love that you created something I have never seen before, you did a great job in executing it and it is absolutely stunning. You really create amazing DIY.

so cute! the leather gives it edge :)

thanks for giving us the opportunity to win!

That looks like mad work!! Keep on the crack, it does wonders for you! ;)

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This giveaway is so cool ! You're so talented :) I've followed your twitter btw ! @beckyregina

that's amazing! you are so talented at DIY!

You continue to amaze me Sophia, with your hard-working ethic, creativity, and ability to create such wonderful pieces. Love the cardi so much!

What else can I say but...LOVE IT!
Would love to have it!

Fantastic! Looks like the cardigan from topshop.
But this one is much prettier!

Just so inspiring.

this is made of LOVE! it makes me dream.

omg your diys are always so amazing!!

wow at first when i looked at it, i was doubtful ...
at first when i looked at it, i was doubtful of how it would look on a person.
But the outcome is amazing, i love this creation.

iwantiwantiwantiwant! :DDD

wow it's awesome! I want it! :)

i sooo want it sophia :) and thinking that it took you ages and its a labor of love will be an honor for me to have a give away from you :)

puppy eyes :)

lots of love



this cardigan is so amazing! i'm totally in love with that.

Another of your DIY is featured on my blog.
Love this cardigan!!
If there was a DIY Award you definitely should win it!

I absolutely loooove this! You're amazing! I'm going to try to make the feathery white blouse tomorrow!

Aaaaw you are amazing, i love love this!!!

you are a DIY godess!

It's absolutely amazing! Man, what a great start on the new year if I won that!

I LOVE IT! It´s really awesome! You´re the official DIY-Queen!

omg i would never want to give this away!!

omg, it is amazing! Love it love it ya! :-)

If i will win this i will just have a heart attack!:)

And thanks for this great idea for DIY with leather circles!:)

That cardigan is beautiful! Even if I don't win, I'll have to tackle this myself!

It looks beautiful, you did a great job, and I'd love to win it! :)

wow...this cardi is amazing. it reminds me on a cute dress i saw at cos.

I'm speechless again Sophia.. From all your DIY's this one is definitely the most incredible! Congratilations girl.. I think i'm going to try it at home ahah!

Bug kiss and have a great 2010 ;D,

Thank you for always being so generous, and making someone feel special!

This really came out amazing! Thanks for alll the give aways!


wow.. perfect as always!!!

It looks great on you! So prettym it's almost sad to give it away! :P

i love your outfit, it's true understated chic. style icon!

pflater at g mail

Omg, I would love that cardigan! It would be perfect with my Alexander Wang bag.

That cardigan is incredible, you did a really fantastic job. Also, I love the combo of those pants and white shirt! : )

i'm so in, that's one of the most beautiful things i've seen in a long time

amazing!! i love it soooo much, it's such a great idea and you made it sooo beautiful! omg i would be so happy with this, you wouldn't believe! amazing that you have the patience to complete something like this! and you're rocking it in the picture btw! absolutly stunning!!!


It's amazing, I adore your creativity. I'm going trough your blog right now and I'm speachless. I'm here for the first time and I love it!

Gorgeous. I can't even imagine all the tedious labor involved in something like that!

jenn.werkhoven @

Aaah how amazing!! So gorgeous...

I'll hope 2010 starts good for me ;)

looks amazing on, why are you giving it away!! happy new year.

The cardigan turned out so well! I'm a fashion major and should really make more things for myself in my spare time ha, you're an inspiration!


That looks beautiful on you. You're an angel for giving it away. Are you sure you're Asian? I'm two pieces of bulgogi away from being Margaret Cho and I'd never take that cardigan off.

wow wow wow wowwww i love your diy!! you were amazing! i would never be able to do something similar...
hope to get it :))


Wauw your blog is so cool, i love the diy projects!

Wow this is amazing, you did one hell of a job :) I can't believe you're giving it away after all the work you put in it! Seriously cool, dear!
Happy New Year!

yespleasemademoiselle at hotmail dot com

love this!!

Thanks so much for the giveaway! Amazing.

me me me! :)

The cardi looks great! where do you usually buy your supplies for your projects?
Love the pants!

I saw some examples of creations with leather discs and thought it looked really cool, love how yours turned out...Can't believe you're giving this away after all that hard work, really sweet of you...

Stunning! xx

that is quite a beautiful cardigan. you put so much work into you're stunning DIYS! i love them all .. especially the jewelry.. you should have a shop! :D


I am so desperate to get any of your great-wonderfull-marvellous-unique DIY that I really don't know what to do what to say...I promise you I have been a very good girl last year and I am still waiting for my Xmas gifts.

You know I love you and love your blog!

You can contact me in my blog.


Oh it's beautiful, all the hard work has definitely paid off! :) x
- -

Your original post inspired me to try this myself, but with a deep forest green leather i found. And you're right- SO MUCH WORK INVOLVED. I also tried to hole punch the leather, haha!

Please pick me :) x

Crazy awesome. Long term lurker popping up to say how much I appreciate your blog and how inspiring it is! :)

Wow that's amaazing.. It turned out great!
My new year's resolution is to get handy on the sewing machine!!.. wish me luck and have an awesome year!

you can contact me on my twitter
or on my personal blog


i looove this cardigan! i can't believe you're giving it away after you put so much work into it.
please contact me via the comment box on the right side of the blog. thanks. (:

Kudos for getting around to finishing a half baked project - I've yet to achieve such a feat.

Extraordinary finished product, most definitely worth all the digit destroying hours you put into it. I wouldn't want to part with it!

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Ohhh I'd SO love to have this, it looks incredibly beautiful!

omg so sweet that you give it away!!!!
love your look and style i´ll totally be so happy i win this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xoxo amber

I love this beautiful top. It is so different and I cannot believe after all the work you put into it you are giving it away. Thank you so much.

this is gorgeous. like many of the other readers, i cannot believe you would give away such a beautiful piece after so much effort on your part. amazing.

Ab.So.Lute.Ly Stunning! Thanks so much for the chance to win it! asthenight at gmail dot com

Can't believe its finished now. Thought you'd given up on it lol. Looks amazing. Would love to own it!! :)

i absolutely love it! i can't believe your giving it away, but i'll gladly take it!!

It's gorgeous, love! your DIY work is always stunning.

wow! such a beautiful cardigan and a fantastically creative DIY!

ashleydfisher at

incredible diy. it looks so great on you, too!

So in love with your cardigan! The texture makes it such a special piece! Happy New Year to you! xo, Mel

All those tiny circles...I can't even imagine. It's stunning!

Ooh, yes please!

oh lovely.good to see people of real style in boston. love it (:

How completely gorgeous! I love, love it!

iamemmamusic -at-

Wow! You've done it AGAIN! Hope I win this one, because I looove it! Great job!

Wow, I love sequins, and have always wanted the perfect sequin miniskirt, but this is better!
Sequins would get folded and creased way too easily when I'm dancing ;)

love this !

You're pretty much a DIY genius. I will grovel at your feet!

dropkickintheface.xd at gmail dot com

wow! I amazed with what u've done!
it's really amazing..
Amaze with ur creativity on doing DIY.. super cool!
LOVE this!

That's amazing! I can't imagine how long that took to finish.

sundaygirl at gmail dot com

tough leather meets soft circle meets flowy cardi meets tough leather meets soft circle meets flowy cardi meets tough leather meets soft circle meets flowy cardi meets...

...perfect harmony.

another beautiful (albeit time-consuming) diy.

xx hapoom.zzz[at[]

Never seen such a unique twist on a "leather jacket" before; I love it.

you are such an inspiration!

oooooooh <3

amazing. the sophisticated nature of it, as well a...
the sophisticated nature of it, as well as the detailed form make an amazing combination. XD

Oh, oh, oh, pick me, pick me! I love that! I would wear it always! Like seriously all the time! Good work, girl!

Oh it's lovely!

it's sooo goooood!
i guess i would keep all diys by's amazing how you can give them away..but..good for us:)
it really love your style, it's so simple and colourless but still every outfit has got something special. yeah:)

love your jacket, well done, it must have been hard work!!

this would be an incredible piece to work with!!

Your cardigan is such an amazing use of leather, especially for places like the Philippines where it can get quite humid. Amazing!

<3 from Manila|

Wow! you are so talented! this is truly a piece of art!

Love it.amazing job !

I'm in !

so inventive. I like it ;)

hey thanks for your comment on my blog!
this giveaway is awesome!!!


Love it! love itttt!

chic. i want it.

i love your masterpiece, it's simply brilliant.
please please choose me!

oh my goodnesssss!!

katylou [at]

I do hope I'm not too late on this giveaway!

It looks like all your hard work paid off with this leather disc jacket because its simply stunning and surely screams attention.

Ohhhhh,it would be so lovely to have this. Psssst,and maybe you could do your own label with your upcoming DIYs. Adds that personal touch.

this cardigan is soo awesome! i'm impressed!

missmae187 at

wowowow, i'm entering this giveaway for sure!!!
i missed out on the "Romanticism" one!!!

i can't believe i only came across your blog today... man! i missed out!

with all of the hard work you put into it, you could sell it for a lot of ca$h! but you are amazing enough to give it away.

and i'm entering =)


Wonderful piece of work, thanks for having this as a giveaway so that one of us can enjoy wearing it! :)

Happy New Year!!


Hard work clearly pays off! This is gorgeous!

I want that awesome cardi...Hope you'll pick me! :)

After all the hard work, you are giving it away? You deserve it!


this is gorgeous!

Beautiful cardigan...and I appreciate the hard work you put into this!

I love the texture and easy lux look of this outfit, this has definitely encouraged me to do more DIY projects!

I'm so happy to find your blog esp one day before the deadline for this giveaway. The piece is so beautiful!

This is gorgeous! I have a bunch of leather at home, but I don't think I have the patience or the skill to pull it off. :)

The cardigan turned out amazing!!! Great work.

x Antonia

Awesome: ) I love it so much!!! Please make me win :)

this would match my specs perfectly..ok so they are aqua and black fits to anything but they so would match :* and I want to enter as well

Love your DIY's they are amazing! You are so talented. Enter me please.

a genius idea! love it

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That is dedication! Please do leave your signature/mark on this piece!


oh my goodness... well done! It turned out wonderfully, really, give yourself a pat on the back.

I sure hope I win your giveaway :)

wow.. i can't believe you're parting with this beautiful cardigan! It turned out so amazing!!

i would love to win it!
you can contact me at:


It's just stunning.

you are so wonderfully creative!
so impressed - i love it !


This is such a cool cardigan! I can't believe you made it. So makes me want to get back in sewing again. You are such a great artist!

lovely diy cardigan! :)


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So unique and inventive!
You should be proud of yourself for the hard work and philanthropy.
Happy New Year! Keep up the great work.

omg am I too late now????? that'd be suuuuch a shame! I love it so much!!!! you did a great job girl. well I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you handle a different time zone heeee I want to join!!

my god! thi DIY is simply stunning! I truly hope to win :P


I love that you used leather and I loooooooooveee the texture. Looks like you spent ages on that piece, no joke! props to doing an awesome job! If I spent hours and hours on something so beautiful I think I would find it really hard to give away.

Stephanie, steph at

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I love your DIY's they are so inspirational! I was about to donate a bag of clothes that dont fit dont like etc...but after 30 min here I realize I have a goldmine just waiting for some hard work! Thank You!

Hey there sophia,

All the hard work.....
I will give it a good home and show it off with great pride.

So here's my entry.
By the way even at new years I was flicking though the archives of you blog. Amazing stuff.

Much love and happy new year

Love it! I already commented earlier but realized I forgot to leave contact information! Sorry!

aw i want it! it's so beautiful!


great jacket, but more important you look great in those heels ... love your style

Link Exchange?

come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

wow. you are one talented young thing!

I love that cardigan! Even more because you worked so hard!

im probably to late no? i want this so so bad! xxxxx

oh my. WOW!!!!!!!
oh my.

I can hardly believe you're giving it away after all the hard work you put in it! I don't think I would be able to be that unselfish ;)

oh! pick me, pick me!
absolutely gorgeous, once again.

that cardigan is truly magnifique. your hard work's been paid off with over 250 people telling you thats its amazing! you have now inspired me to create one too.

how do you do it?? rockin the DIYs as always :D

wow!! The cardigan with the leather disks is really amazing like you're really talented!! and the idea is unique! i mean, i would have never thought about it ^^ you're really great hehe!

You are insanely talented! Amazing.

I'm sad that I missed it.:(
I follow.

xo :)

beautiful and so creative!

Love the cardigan! So very chic and unique! count me in!


j'adore ce cardigan.;originale et très classe
magnifique travail

that's soooooo cute:D:D:D:D:D i would love to enter if its possible

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good idea! You're so pretty! :)

oh it s adorable! love that chunky piece!


That is SO CUTE! Why didn't you just buy a leather punch? It's like a hole punch made for leather. My dad fixed my belt for me with one!


(for contact ^)

This is so stunning - can't believe you are giving it away with all the hard, tedious work it took!

You can contact me on Twitter: @MakeupandManies