I'm back! What have I been up to? Well, the stress of exams and seeing patients have been killing me lately. The past week and a half was pretty miserable. I felt robotic, alone, and tired. Without going into too many details, I just know that I really need to take care of myself better. This weekend has restored a huge piece of my sanity. I was treated to a spectacular Silversun Pickups and Muse show by my boy's family and some downtime with my family. Anyway, these pictures were snapped near my childhood home. The sun was shining and I was wearing my Alaia's and a pair of vintage shades. Translucent lilac, the circular frames, they're too perfect. I don't wear sunglasses often, but when I do, they have to be fun!

Wearing vintage trousers, H&M tee, F21 faux leather jacket, Azzedine Alaïa shoes, Oiseau Vintage sunglasses.

Edit: By the way, a lovely reader spotted me in the March issue of Cleo New Zealand and sent over a photograph of the small feature. Not too sure why my DIY is labeled as Givenchy-inspired, but these are all minor details anyway, right? Thanks Jill and Cleo mag! xo.
what a great outfit! so jealous of your chanel bag -wish i could afford one.

I'm glad you're feeling a little better... I know how tough things can get, and sometimes sometimes taking care of yourself falls to the bottom of your list of priorities. (and then that just makes things so much worse!)

Glad you are back! And keep taking care of yourself! Love this simple outfit. You never fail to look fresh and beautiful in everything you wear! By the way, I looooove the Silversun Pickups. My friend introduced them to me 4 years ago and I was obsessed ever since!

love this look, especially the sunglasses and shoes! u look so chic as always! :)


That Cleo article was how I found your blog :DD

Love what you're wearing - the sunnies and shoes are nice touches :)

wow!!! you wore your new shoes!!! stunning! :D

awwww yay new shoes! man they look SUPER high...like the arch of your foot looks so exaggerated like in disney movies lol..okay nvm...

Wow! Your heels are awesome!

love those sunglasses

Wow you look gorgeous! I hope everything gets sorted out and you get some therapeutic relaxation :) <3 xo

I love your look and those glasses are so cool!


Amazing shoes !

I love the pants! very chic and sophisticated. And i completely agree about the sunnies - they have to be fun!

Your outfit is fantastic, understated but chic.

Omg,gorgeous shoes!

Beautiful outfit! I love the heels and sunglasses, and those pants are perfect!

You hair is so long and gorgeous <3

Killer shades, I am a sucker for big rounded ones!

you look so chic. love the outfit. hope youre having a nice beginning of the week.

xxx ediot

I know it's the shoes and sunnies that warrant extreme jealousy, and they do, but YOU SAW MUSE! How green I am right now.

When I force myself to look beyond this, I can see how utterly delectable the Alaias are. Proportion perfect look, this.

aww so beautiful!!

The glasses are the most amazing thing ! And the title is very very good :))

the shoes look really stunning!

Beautiful outfit and those shoes are AMAZING!!!

beautiful outfit.... love every single element!

Happy to see you back - I always look forward to your outfit posts, they always almost end up being saved in my inspiration folder ;).
Woman, you own the most amazing sunglasses collection - I'm so jealous >.< haha.
These round ones here really suit you and give the outfit a cool touch. And of course I absolutely adore your Alaïas! <3

Shoes are gorgeous! Love the simplicity of your look today :)


A-MAZING! Found this blog because you are following me on Twitter, I am going to get very addicted to it, I can tell.

MM x

Great to have you back! I feel your pain of the stress of uni. But isn't it a relief when you can finally start blogging again? Congrats on the magazine feature love!

I love the glasses. Very cute on you :) I'm thinking about purchasing the Cobain Shades in White on nastygal.
Hope you're always smiling :)


Those Alaias are deathly. I admire your taste to an almost indecent amount.


i'm dying, DYING for those sunglasses!


those shoes are so amazing <3

crushing on your sunnies, they are so good!

Adore those pants and your heels too,so gorgeous! I really do love your sunnies too.

Awww man,girl don't overwork yourself though. Missed reading your blog lots,had a rough time with work. But not anymore while I adjust to my new one heeee

Loving this look...those Alaias MAKE an outfit. Wow!!

And the best song to listen to when you're stressed is without a doubt OAR's Delicate Few.

Enjoy this lovely Boston weather, too!

lovely heels but i enjoy how you made this all fun with the sunglasses!

I like her heels. gorgeous.

fantastic shoes!! love the outfit

I m glad u did answer me question re your etsy vintage recommendation. Will definitely check it out! Thanks!
P/s: U pulled off this look so effortlessly and especially loving those pants and shoes!

no problem! i was actually thinking about doing a quick blog post about some etsy finds. hrmm..yes no?

These shoes are my reason to live. Thanks so much x.

Wow, you're sunglasses are way too cool <3

I can't believe I just found your blog. I really like it.
I think im going to try those shoulder beads.

Love the shoes !