Alright, so where do I start? For one, I've been a bad bad blogger. I've thought about blogging far more than the actual act of doing so. I want to bring new and exciting content to all of you, but when I'm wearing ceil blue scrubs (sexyyyy) Monday to Friday from sunrise to sunset I just feel scrubby and a bit of a hypocrite. I'm now a firm believer that what you wear determines how you feel and behave.

Seeing patients has been tough. You learn to put others' needs before yours. I caught my first cold in 3 years and fell asleep last night with a fever. Major booo. I woke up this morning with a leaky faucet of a nose, but I wanted to turn things around. I banished my scrubs into the laundry hamper and put on something I enjoyed. The boy and I took a walk in the city, attempted to rent some Dutch bicycles to ride along the river (they didn't have any), grabbed some coffee and finally picked up the Jil Sander suit I selected for him last week after some alterations were needed. He looks so elegant in it. Raf, you make men hot. Thank you. You are the best cure for a nasty cold!
loveee the glasses (i want a pair!) and (of course) bag~ feel better!

- kat

what a hot model off duty look! love it!!

helen x

Love your bag :) Hope you're feeling better!

I love reading your posts! Great bag btw! Hope you are feelings better xx

You look lovely and your glasses are to die for <3

i hope you feel better! i am in love with ur chanel bag! and i totally got those sunnies at forever hahaha! they're awesome! :)

yay glad you;re back - feel better soon!

Nice outfit! And I'm, too, a firm believer of what you wear affects how you feel and behave. I hope you're feeling better :)

I agree with what you said about scrubs. They are comfy though, just like pyjamas. Get better soon!

hope you're feeling better! :)
regarding the scrubs though, i have a friend who claims that scrubs are so comfy, he steals them from his doctor brother, haha!

You look great! Get well soon!

Such a stylish outfit. Love the extra edge that the sunnies bring to the ensemble. Hope that you get better soon. If what you wear really does determine how you feel, a few more of these outfits and you'll be AOK in no time!

I definitely agree with you--- "what you wear determines how you feel and behave".

simple beautiful look!! love the amazing sunglasses and coco bag!

rockin those sunglasses

Gorgeous photo!

oh how i've missed your perfect outfits. i completely agree with "what you wear determines how you feel/act".
hope you feel better and don't work too hard girl =)

Beautiful outfot and photo!

Looking sharp!

Lovely outfit, the jacket is stunning.

gorgeous outfit!!
and welcome back haha

You look amazing! Happy Easter! :)

Love this outfit, you look so chic!
The log blazer with the white blouse is amazing and I love you your bag and glasses.

Theory of a fashion victim

Great look!

This is simply perfect. The blazer makes everything look good and there's nothing more fashionable that a well cut crisp white shirt (I'm unfortunately still on the hunt for one >.<).

Missed you posts and happy you're back. Get well soon!!

soo clean cut but coooooool. i just got my F21 sunglasses ehaehahe and I can't wait to wear them out sooon :D

Hahahha jil sander suit sounds badass!!! I like how long your blazer is!!

How long more of dental school until you are licensed to practice?

so pretty preppy! love it!



everything about this ensemble is hott!

@ sha too many years! i have a little over 1 year...
@ sha

too many years! i have a little over 1 year left. i can tell it's going to go by fast because this year just vanished in front of my eyes!

I love that glasses. Though the Chanel bad I have seen thousands of times.

Those glasses! So great. I want more traditional cat-eye sunnies for myself.
I hope you are all better now!

I like that one. Such a nice model. Love it.

i think that quality over quantity is best and i think youve defnitely got the quality this post is fantastic .

first cold in 3 years?! Wow, what's your secret?? I catch colds every 6 months =\

Lovely outfit, you look a delight!

tweet tweet tweet


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when i was in boston over spring break it was deliciously warm one weekend and then hellishly cold the next. it made me likey your smart casual look :DD post more often when you can okayy sophia

looking sleek and sharp! i hope you're feeling better! :D

oh I bet your man looks great in his Jil Sander suit! Love your outfit Sophia, hope you feel better soon!

what are y our shades? i love them!! :)

Love your outfit. Seriously, all of them match each other perfect.