There is something quite atrocious with this star print. It's not a very graceful print and the entire frock may even be a little too patriotic for any day besides July 4th, but I can't help but keep pulling it out of my closet and wearing it with all my get-ups. So here it is with my Miu Miu mirror platforms, Miu Miu silk dress and Queen's Wardrobe scalloped blazer. I like how the collar of my dress underneath peeks out. It reminds me of those starched detachable collars people used to sport and the more recent and decorative Miu Miu cat print ones. I think I'll be playing around more with the detachable collar idea. Perhaps a future DIY along the lines of this awesome effort by White Lightning? I'm thinking whites and delicious pastels for the collar and rhinestones and animal prints as embellishments?
at first glance it did look like the Miu Miu print from this season, I think you look great, stars and all

This outfit is incredible. You definitely make the star print work in your favour. Would love to see what you come up with re: detachable collars!

ditto, eli. lovelovelove everything! <3 gorgeous! :)

- kat

are you kidding me? the star print is gorgeous! love it!

helen x

I adore this print, it looks so pretty under the blazer :)

the outfit looks amazing, great choices

the star print is not atrocious! u make it look great!

great shirt... that print is amazingly surprising! (very miumiu)



i wish i could have a closer look at those platforms ! they look pretty from far, and i bet they're even prettier in close up !

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ahh you look so cute!

The star print is great!

I agree with Eli. At first glance I thought you were wearing the Miu Miu print from this season. The entire outfit is gorgeous. Love the scalloped blazer and the shoes. Brilliant!

I think the dress is so fun!

Really like your scalloped blazer! Cute outfit ;)

I love the whole Miu Miu look! Not atrocious at all. Different, but verybeautiful x)

Beautiful outfit, love the blazer!

so cute! i love the layering, so unique! :)

Awesome look! You look great!

I really like the blazer. it's amazing. especially the color and the shape of it.

gorgeous blazer. its really the perfect summer spring blazer! great great buy!
envious to the max

xx ediot

Love the blazer,and both the print and shape of the dress is wonderful, love your shoes too! Love this!

wow amazing outfit^^

I like this looks Sophie! It's magical and i think it suits just fine ;D!

Dimogonda blog

love the dress and how you styled it!!

Soooo cute!

i am sooo in love with your scalloped blazer and that silky dress underneath the stars! So beautiful sophia!!

the scalloped blazer is so divine, I'll be heading off to Queen's Wardrobe right after I finish writing this comment! I love how you layered the pieces and managed to NOT look bulky. Those futuristic mary-janes are so unique and they go really well with this look! Maybe you can wear this again for the upcoming patriot day? ;)

beautiful pictures, especially the flowers in the background.

Lovely! x amber
x amber

aw do you want to give me your bag?! :D
amazing pictures!

This star printed shirt is amazing,amazing !

So jealous of this outfit... You look awesome!

tweet tweet tweet


amazing, I love the platforms and star print shirt.

Theory of a fashion victim

I sometimes agree with you, but that's definitely not the case here!
you pull this off perfectly!

I'm totally obsessed with all the miu miu prints...the swallows...the cats...the psychedelic flowers....what else is there? I feel like I'm missing something....but yeah.
I might buy the swallow print MJ's in navy.....

gorgeous outfit.

I've just discovered your blog and I love it so much! You've a great style!

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In the first picture your outfit really reminded me of Miu Miu - lovely! That blazer is absolutely gorgeous, I've been eying it on Queen's Wardrobe for a while now but it's a bit too expensive for my current budget. Anyhow, you look great in that outfit, it's so refreshing and a beautiful mix of patterns.

ahh sophia!!! LOOOVEE the scalloped blazer :) and i can't wait to see your collar DIYs, feels like haven't seen a DIY from you in a while.

Love your shoes a lot. That pair of shoes will look good with any style of clothes.

The star print works so well in this outfit.

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this is so stunning! actually just found your blog, and im totally became a new follower! Great great blog! I guess I'm preparing to introduce you on my blog :)

love your style. Yoy look great <3

Have you ordered from Queens Wardrobe more than once? Their stuff is so cute but I'm wondering what the quality is like.

I'm really envious of that dress, I remember you posted it previously and it just reminds me of the star clothes Chanel had a few seasons ago!

This is such a great outfit!
You have amazing style -- love your blog so much -- I follow :)
Xo Veronica

Im lucky follower number 420 ;)
Xo Veronica

@pink horrorshow

this was my first purchase from them. i drool at nearly everything they have in stock, but the prices are a little prohibitive. the shipping is also real slow--my biggest qualm. as for the quality, i can only speak for what i purchased, but it's great. no loose threads, high quality lining, heavy fabric...

cute and sexy..

sweet look!

omg you look so Miu Miu it is amazing!

Ps congrats on the Cleo Australia mention xx

This outfit is incredible. It falls so beautifuly.
I really want the same platforms!

Hello fellow Sophia ;) You look gorgeous, the dress and shoes are stunning!! <3

YES starts are back!!

peace x

that is such a great outfit and I am in love with the blazer!

U can't imagine how much I like your shoes. Where did you get them looks really amazing.