Today I'm wearing vintage rhinestone clip-ons around my neck. They add just the right amount of sparkle and keep the collars neatly in place, perfect for an organization freak such as myself. Also say hi to random neglected baby on the sidewalk. Phew, it's been a weird day. Night alll.
omg. that doll is so freaky! love the outfit! you look gorgeous~

- kat

@kat haha, seriously. i was hesitant posting it b...

haha, seriously. i was hesitant posting it because it just looked so random next to the other photos, but hey, i like freaky!

Very beautiful outfit. :)

Oh such a sweet outfit,love it!

Wonderful, great outfit!

Love the rhinestones!


An extra touch of shine on the sweet peter pan-esque collar...Love how you toughened up the adorable dress with the buckled booties!


The poor little doll must have fallen
off some stroller...

The clip-ons are genius!! Your
dress is perfection in chambray. It
almost tempts me to diy a detachable

I love your blog and your style. You
are very inspiring.


-The Girl at the Atelier's Closet

the poor girl mustve liked the doll's clothes more! hahahaa

It is definitely wired...

Lovely outfit, I like those clip-ons! Freaky doll haha I hate them, they're so scary.

Great outfit!!!
Xoxo Veronica

you are so inspiring ;) This dress is marvelous to me ;)

very Miu Miu spring '10! Every outfit should have an element of sparkle to it, haha.

That sucks that M83 wasn't a great show! I saw him 2 winters ago and it was AMAZING. I've been so anxious for him to go on tour again but it's taking a while, geez.

Hey! Like your style.

Maybe you're interested in our magazine.


Beautiful! I love the flow of this post, you see the awesome outfit photos first, and then scroll down to reveal the doll. I must admit, I totally didn't see that coming!

I love the vintage vibe of that dress! great job

very pretty! love your style!


Hi, I just found you via Beyond Boston Chic and i&...
I just found you via Beyond Boston Chic and i'm so happy to find fellow Bostonian bloggers. That doll photo is fantastic and I'm adding you to my blog roll!

I love what you did with the collar!

I was scrolling down through your outfit shots (absolutely stunning, by the way) and literally jumped in my seat when I saw the overturned baby. Eek!

beautiful vintage blouse, love the white tone in it!
it's been a weird week for me...

love your pretty blue dress <3

Beautiful! The clip-ons make this look so classy and unique. Great outfit!

I inherited lots of my grandmother's vintage clip-ons, this is a great idea! Right now I've made hair clips from some of them.

such a cute outfit...i love it!

that's such a beautiful babydoll dress!
speaking of baby dolls, that is one weird thing to see on the streets.

why am I laughing at that unfortunate baby?!

you totally gave me an idea of what to wear tomorrow! hahah! :D

you've murdered the baby doll hahahhah

ahhh sad creepy half squishy baby, haha. love the rhinestones!

your dress is adorable, love the color.

clothes are cute
clothes are cute

I really like your idea of wearing clip-ons on the collar! Lovely.

Truly lovely.

i noticed the clips. .they are so pretty

love your shoes!
you look very very pretty(:



cute dress too, never thought a babydoll dress could look so..cooool


gorgeous dress.

Hey Miss, I gave you a Happy 101 Award! Check it ...
Hey Miss,

I gave you a Happy 101 Award! Check it out here:

Love your work xo

hi there! i'm nina, from brazil, and i have a...
hi there!

i'm nina, from brazil, and i have a blog wich is about diy projects reunited from blogs all over the world, and i'd like to ask if
you borrow me some of your projects to translate to portuguese and post in my blog, liking to yours of course. by the way, you're already in my blog roll

Regards from Brazil

Nina O.

you are sweet girl!!

love it

@Sara the bag was thrifted from a goodwill! are y...

the bag was thrifted from a goodwill! are you from around boston? i'm starting to think that boston really isn't all that bad in terms of style. if you see past the coach bags and ugg boots, there are standout individuals that are quite awesome.

That a poor little doll. Why left alone?

I like the clip-ons, they're very miu miu. You have great style :)

This outfit is perfection. So cute!! the clip ons were a great addition.

That doll is so creepy. Too many doll related horror movies... eek!


great outfit!! love the blog

can we link exchange??


Sophia! thanks for your tweet! Your blog is great...

thanks for your tweet! Your blog is great and I'm really glad that you like my work!!!

you look very pretty with that dress, love the rhinostone details!

ps would you like to exchange links ?


hi darling. you look so great in that oufit.
hope youre having an wonderful time.

xx ediot

you look is great

You really have a cool blog, i'm just discovering it via Outsapop and totally felt in love with your style and tips. I'll come back every day! :)

Beautiful clip ons. Some baby will be missing its naked doll lol. <3

You looks so pure. Like the outfit. Btw it is really hard to see Asian girls without make up and so stylish.

Babe love your outfit and your blog. Just the scared me.

Nice Outfit I like it so Nice