I had no costume this year and wasn't planning on one either, except I got a last minute call. I ran to my closet to look for something passable, only to find a tutu and lots of leather. So I ran to the local iParty for some cat ears and tail, then threw on an H&M black leather top, American Apparel skirt, black tights and some random boots. I definitely won't be getting any points for creativity, but at least I didn't show up in my school clinic scrubs saying "heyyyy, I'm a doctor!" I don't like half-assing stuff, but this will just have to suffice. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween!
looking cuteeeee and pretty!!!

Happy Halloween to you too! You look so cute!


happy halloween!!! :D

Animated Confessions

I was PLANNING on going out, but school and laziness got the best of me. *le sigh*
Cute costume, dahhling!

you are the cutest!

This is amazing! You are too adorable!

omg so cute! love this :)


Even if this is your half-assed attempt, it's adorable! I lovelovelove :)

I just found your blog and really love it!!


you looked really great :)

i think you make a wonderful cat!

You actually look really cute in this outfit, even if it was a last minute thing - kudos!


Happy halloween you too ;)

in the last photo you have the look that cats get in photos; "what you looking at". haha

Totally cute. I took the bloody option and ruined my fur coat in the process. Hope you had fun.


you r so cute ~


been going through your past blog posts! you take incredible pics!!!!

any ears and some sort of tail are the go to last minute costume! cute!


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charming~~ gorgeous~~ black cat girl~~

This is amazing! You are too adorable!

gorgeous! you are the cutest!