I'm fairly certain that today was one of the prettiest days in Boston (mid-70s at the end of October, what?). Of course, we forgot our camera at home so we were stuck with phone photos instead. Only days ago I installed a photo editing app which applies pretty sweet polaroid and toy camera effects to the phone photos. Perfect timing to give it a whirl. Who needs a DSLR now? ;)


Salvatore Ferragamo Vara shoes, H&M shirt, F21 faux leather jacket

i love these!

Love this! Who cares if they're cellphone pics? Amazing :) I'm lovin' those flats too, like, a ridiculous amount. I'd steal them, but I have tiny feet. Darnit!

It was beyond beautiful in Boston today! Great photos!

hehe, yes, i've used a program called Poladroid before - except on my laptop it gave everything a greenish, alien tint.

love those shoes!! they're on my endless wishlist but, along with the classic Chanel flats, i've been putting off purchasing because i know they'll always be around.

I seriously thought these were real film photos! They turned out wonderfully well. I need a better phone so I can download cool apps like this haha.

these are great pictures

Wow, what a great camera on your phone! Amazing, technology these days.

if you have an android phone you should try out vignette!! the lite version only allows you to take small pictures (very small...) but the full version is cheap and there are toooooooooons of effects like that. :D

sometimes i think disposable cameras do a wonderful job, so why not phone cameras? ;) loving the varas, too. hope you're well!!

Those are such awesome photos for being taken on a phone! I love the setting and the composition. They're so composed but candid at the same time.

It would be good if my cell phone can take some photos like these!

such cute photos! i love this! :)


hahah i agree! i love my smartphone. probably way too much. i have a photoshop app on mine as well that allows me to manipulate brightness/contrast/etc! I went from a half bb (the pearl) to the iphone and it BLEW MY MIND. like literally. changed my life. do i sound crazy? maybe.
i think these look totally rad. maybe i'll google a polaroid app for my phone too. and COPY YOU!!! BWAHAHAH!
have a great weekend and a spooky halloweeeeeen!

the docks by the charles is one of my favorite spots in the summer. :)

wow, its just a great effect. a change form slr.
Am impressed how this set turned out! Much better than holgas and polaroids.

precious moments.. this images are fabulous :)

I was convinced these were real polaroids! I need an app like that on my phone!


Inspired shots. So glad I just spent all my money on a new DSLR when I can achieve much hipper results with my phone:) It's nice to be reminded how lovely the weather was last week when it is so dreary today.


Although I do agree with your post, I have my own reservations

pretty pictures!

glad i bumped into your blog


I always love the way you dress and particulary the mood in your blog. Everytime a pleasure. You're so lovely ! Nice, nice, nice !
Can you tell something about my photographs ?

Looove the outfit! Are your flats from salvatore ferragamo? so perfect and beautiful!