I've nearly made holes in all my school bags, so I knew it was time for a new one. And here it is. After a long search, I discovered YesStyle. The bag isn't genuine leather, but the form is perfect. The shoulder strap is also removable and can be attached to the back, transforming the bag into a backpack. So I purchased it. Right afterwards I visited La Garçonne and saw this Vanessa Bruno Athé bag.

Argh! Now I feel a bit played. Upon further inspection, the bags aren't completely identical, the latter being slouchier and adorned with more tassels. In fact, I'm liking the structured version more. It's just interesting to see two bags with very different form and mood, but one is clearly being inspired by the other. I can't wait until I get my paws on my baggie.
i am so obsessed with trolling yes style for bags too. they are one of my sponsors and i get a monthly allowance and never know what to get! the quality of their faux leathers are surprisingly really good!

they remade a version of that alex wang leopard bag i tote around all the time...it's not nearly as good. not even close, but hey! no one else is on ball to rip it off! omg. i just read back on what i wrote and realized that it's going to get very tangential...like NOW. i'm going to stop. yay to yesstyle!


Really great pick!

ooohhh quite amazing... a satchel bag is also on my wishlist! :D

Animated Confessions

Oh the bag is amazing!! Judging from reviews, there seems to be a lot of things on Yesstyle with poor quality, so you should be careful!

xx The Little Dust Princess

Beautiful bag. Can't wait to see pics of you with it!


I would love that bag! Perfection!


Gorgeous! I haven't bought any bag for a while now... Gotta do something about it! :o)


Oh my! How lovely! This is the kind of bag you will wear for the rest of your life...so classy!


I love this bag! It's perfect for heavy books and being classy on college:)

woooooow, its love by first sight !

I'm completely head over heels for this!