I can already foresee all the possibilities with my new camel coat. I wouldn't be surprised if I start wearing permutations of this outfit everyday until it gets too cold to do so. So, noticed any changes around here? Today I decided to roll out a redesign--Phosphene Version 2.0. The redesign isn't complete (some links are non-functional), so really this is more like a "beta." Lots of changes will be happening, so keep your eyes peeled!


H&M coat and blouse, Salvatore Ferragamo Vara shoes, vintage leather shorts

Congratulations on this overhaul! It looks amazing, minimalistic chic just like you :) I'm lovin' the simplicity of this look, that camel coat is beautiful <3!

Absolutely perfect outfit. Nice clean layout too, well done :) x

i love the new layout! and i lovveee ur outfit! glad ur back to bloggin more :)



This is a true minimalism which I totally adore, but will probably never learn to wear myself... You look stunning!


Your new layout is very suitable for what you post!

You make me want something camel or nude colour now...

Such a simple, beautifully put together outfit as always.

so chic! love this look!

tres tres cguc


you look so elegante !

for a doctor (?) you sure know alot about webdesign ahhaha loooooooooooooooove the new site :D
and yaaaaaaaaaay youre back!

so chic, love this!

great outfit!love your blog


wow I absolutely love your coat! this whole outfit is great! :)


I just got a camel coat too and I totally know how you feel about wanting to wear variations of the same outfit over and over. Such a coat just makes everything look so chic. I love your coat, it's so clean cut and goes perfectly with a button down shirt - nicely combined!

the new layout looks great and i couldnt be more jealous of that camel coat!

love the new layout!!! wish i knew how to code too =(
i tried on the smallest size they had for that camel coat, and still no luck. whhhy must i be so tiny. you look gorgeous in it.


The new design looks gr8 so far! Very simple and classic. Look forward to see the final product. :-)

can definitely see that camel coat being worn a lot this season!! totally versatile, classy and chic! :D

Animated Confessions

i'm pretty much going to be living in my new topshop camel coat this winter too! i've already worn it with a velvet tee and denim, and black leather skinnies. now i think i need to wear it like you did, with leather shorts and a white blouse, because you look INCREDIBLE.

Simple and elegant look...and I love a good, clean layout!


Soooo chic, I love it!

Absolutely loving the new look! And your outfit is super chic, very simple and classic.

Love the new lay-out, Sophia :)

I love how clean and crisp your outfit is.
Wonderful look for the season.

I really love this outfit!!

you're looking simply chic and gorgeous!!! :D

I want that could so so badly, somehow I haven't seen it in the Netherlands...

insane camel coat!

I definitely missed out on obtaining a camel coat for this fall but I'll just live vicariously through you and all the other fantastic women who have one :)

those ferragamo low pumps are so simple and really polish your look! really one of my favorite outfits of yours