I've been completely obsessed with the Dries Van Noten Fall 2010 collection for an unhealthy number of months, so when it came time to select a few pieces for Fall and Winter, I found myself gravitating towards military, khaki, and skirts with hemlines that dropped below the knee. One of the items I selected was this washed-out olive-y skirt. And how nifty is it? The length is magical (meaning it hides, what I believe, the ugliest part of the female body, including mine--KNEES!) and the massive pockets are the closest I've come to wearing cargo pants in skirt form. I can easily hide some change, my cellphone, sunnies and a couple of snacks for the road. These are all very good things.

In other news, I've been mocking up some redesigns for this site and have decided on one. It'll be coded up in no time. It's a cleaner and classier aesthetic that I hope you'll enjoy. In terms of content, I'm pushing to update more, not specifically outfit posts (I'm feeling a bit 'been-there-done-that' with those), but with design projects, general inspiration, and tutorials. Trust me, you don't want to see more outfit posts with my mug. They'll end up something like this: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (when I'm feeling especially audacious). FUN.
love love love everything about this outfit!

ha, i would love to see you rock some jungle-themed scrubs!

glad you're back, though i wish you'd credit your items (so that when you say "vintage top, vintage skirt") i can shake my fist in the air out of frustration that i can't obtain the same.

now you have me ultra-conscious about my knees. which i don't love either, but now i'm thinking about them...

hi you! yay an update! i'm excited to see what you do with the new site. I'm saving up my pennies to simplify mine as well. looking forward to seeing your new projects and future diys!!!!
hope ur doing welllll :)

@koko jungle-themed scrubs, roar! i totally for...

jungle-themed scrubs, roar!

i totally forgot crediting my items. unfortunately, the sunnies and the blouse are both vintage finds. the skirt, however, is h&m.

sorry about the knee thing :/ i just had to say, because mine feel bashful from time to time. ankles are tricky, too, but don't get me started...

Love your skirt, and your heels!
I hate my knees too, well not a big fan of my legs in general really haha.

Great outfit, Sophia! Lurrrve those weird 90's-looking shoes! Please can we do a shoot soon?? :)


i love a good set of pockets! love the outfit.


thanks elissa! a shoot? you name the place and time, let's do it! x.

The huge skirt actually draws emphasis to how tiny your waist looks which is always a fantastic trait in a skirt I think! I love the pumps, are they vintage too?

That shoulder detail is lovely.

woaw lady love the skirt!!!! stunning!

The skirt is beautiful. I am obsessed with Dries van Noten, as well, and so happy to see you rocking the style here! And I cannot wait to see more posts on here!


your blouse is beautiful!! :D

It matches so well with your skirt and pumps :)

and have a nice week!

Girl, you look gorgeous! As much as I love the mini, this skirt length is just divine on you, and I am loving the detail on that blouse!

wow you look so so beautiful! LOVE this look! :)


I would probably creep into your closet at night and steal that gorgeous skirt. . . and maybe those heels..!! I love!

That skirt is all kinds of wonderful (as is this entire outfit). Can't wait to see what you have in store for the site!

I agree with one of the previous comments, this skirt is worth creeping into your closet, whatever the consequence... ;o) Love it!


Love the skirt and the detail on the sleeve all with the chunky shoes :)
I don't think knees are that bad, I think their cousin, feet, might give knees a very good run for their money at times.
All I do at work is look at people's knees, feet, hands etc, and knees are so sleek and organised!! But there's some crazy feet out there!

i LOVE Your shoes, ohmy they are so eprfect !

You are back!

The sleeves of your blouse is aesome!!

Looking forward to your new post!

the application on your shoulders- stunning one!

What.a.skirt <333 You look fab

I love the last picture especially, how it makes your skin underneath look, and I also love your hair, and the big pockets.

personally I don't like the shoes that much, bur the rest of the outfit is pure perfection! the colors, the shapes... the details... all perfect!

That skirt is so good! Color & pockets are amazing :) I love shoulder details too!
Can't wait to see the changes!

perfect skirt!

beautiful outfit, the skirt is amazing!


The detail on your sleeves...I die! And that skirt...love the length and giant pockets - you could easily carry a hamster or a small critter in there!


I think it's a testament to your style that there is absolutely no way I can picture you in scrubs. Though those last ones are particularly fetching ;)

love the shirt and bag!


delicious skirt! i loove it with those shoes ans blouse :-)

what a perfect outfit and a majorly amazing skirt and top :) beautiful!

Classy! That's a great vintage blouse! Can't wait to see the new layout! :D

this look is so chic! that skirt is wonderful and love the combo with that shirt!
Great blog! <3


aahhh amazing skirt!! i totally love the color and the pockets!!! so wonderful for fall! :D

Animated Confessions

This look is amazing! The utilitarian feel of the skirt mixed with that gothic, yet ultra-femme blouse? Perfection!

Agreed - knees suck!

x Antonia


ahh welcome back sophia! god you look amazing as always. i'll be dreaming of that lace shirt and how good it looks with your skirt and shoes. and if you do pare down on outfit posts, please give us at least one a week. pretty please? :)
xoxo caylee

I've missed your outfit posts!!! So refreshing to see chicness again :) Great outfit, LOVe the top!!


seriously, you are one of my all time favourite bloggers. update with your outfits as frequently as you can :DD! love both your photography and outfits

f ashioncont a gious

you're beautiful, your blog entries are beautiful too! keep on making these great posts! take care and have a good day:-)

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very gorgeous! that blouse is amazing and the skirt, too!!

you just made me feel like running to h&m and buying that skirt! if they still have it. i don't know when you bought it... would that be completely copycatting?? i love this look! :)


where can I buy that top!? Who makes it?