I'm back in Boston! It feels like I have never left but also like I have been away for ages. Coming back has been very bittersweet. I feel fully awake again and ready to conquer, but I've left so many new friends and memories in Florida, too. Here's a quick photo log of a day in Boston. Missing all of you!

Photos: Me in H&M trench, Salvatore Ferragamo Vara's, scalloped blazer, the huge pile of WWDs I'll be catching up on, coffee from one of my favorite places in the South End, and lunching at home.
I've missed your photography! I'm lovin' the simplicity of your outfit, I find myself constantly coming back and looking at your photos for inspiration :) Don't leave us again <3!

ah, i have miss you blog post ! im glad that you have returned to boston !

yayyy you're back!

You look great, fantastic shoes and jacket!!


You look fabulous, great pics as well!

Where have you been girl? I look forward to reading more on here.


I love Flour!! Welcome back.

Glad you're back! I love those ferragamos!

good to have you back!..and now, you´re making me hungry again :D

so glad you're back! love the outfit and gotta say you look stunning- all these photos are greatness!
hope youre having a good week dear


Glad to read & see you again!

So nice to see you and your beautiful pictures again!


You look so classy! :) Glad to see you're back!

oh god yes yer alive! i always check out on u! mwahhh
miss u
abig "i miss yu"

Stunning outfit!
You look great :)
XO Veronica
hopefully you stop by!
my passion for fashion blog

Love the phots. Glad you're back, and I love your outfit.

love the varas! I miss boston, i just moved away =(

Love your blog...

hiiiii where have u been?? busy with school probably :) that little salad looks so precious! reminds me...it's time for lunch!!! hope everything is well on ur side of the pond!

yay you're back in beantown! i love what you're doing with the Varas :D

Looking good! I love the pics, very inspirational!

what beautiful photos! just found your blog...looks great!


I LOVE SO MUCH YOUR BLOG! so happy to find it ;) you have amazing style!


You have a lovely blog. I used to have relatvies in Boston. I'll be back there in November. xD


I love the shoes. Oh...now I have to go and search it.

you're looking great... great layers in your outfit! :D

glad to see you're back.. :D

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wow that outfit is gorgeous! you look so elegant and classy :)
& mmm spinach salad with salmon ontop? yum!