A mini collage of what's been sitting on my desktop for a few days now. The camel and red combination is like a match made in color heaven. The pleating is also tempting me to whip out some sheer fabric in rich hues and start knife pleating away. The boxy denim is something I didn't really feel at first glance, but the shape and simplicity is striking. I'd love to take that outfit and give it a more feminine spin, possibly with a black silk ribbon in my hair, a grosgrain brooch, and other girly touches. Then there's Aymeline in her biker chic look that is just cool, cool, cool--the white cuffed trousers look so natural here. Finally, the tucked in shirt collar is perfect. And that's your inspiration du jour!
Fabulous inspiration!



i've been really into this type of style lately too! Have you checked out ShapeShiftr? Some of their clothing looks like this, and even at American Apparel right now you can find really awesome sheer maxi skirts in that wine color!

LOVe! :]]]


Great pics!


i think that's like the 20th time i've seen that chick in camel and red. she certainly is everywhere!

Yes! I looove red + camel, great colour combo :)

in love with the first, that knit is awesome!

I love the new trend: maxiskirts! :D


oh i love all of these <3

these styles on your post are totally my favorite,xoxo

omg!!! yes.. im so going to try that red and camel color combination!!!!! so lush~

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these styles on your post are totally my favorite,xoxo

keep up the awesome writting in the new blog!

love these looks! <3


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Those first two have been occupying my thoughts a little too much lately. All great inspiration!

I Love the brown jumper x

refined biker chic is mine, still looking for hte perfect biker jacket, long may the search last for the holy grail :) red and camel is a bit used alraedy, or maybe i am just having too much time on my hands and reading too many fashion magazines and blogs. pink and red, now that's a fresh combo ;)


Amazing! KISS!

Love the combination of red and camel!

red and camel is so beautiful together!