This is probably one of last chances to squeeze in a post before 2010 comes to an end. These were taken before the big blizzard hit Massachusetts. I'm finding that I've accumulated quite a backlog of "outfit post" photos on my laptop that never make it onto the blog. And there are reasons. Reason one is not having enough hours in the day after school and clinic to post. Reason two is I get bored. Let me explain the latter a little more. After a few days have passed, I find the content already feels old. Bloggers, do any of you feel the same? Trends come and go so quickly, and there's just so much content out there, I sometimes feel that what I wore only a day ago is only nanometers from being redundant and one post closer to trend-overkill in the blogosphere (dun dun dun, so melodramatic). Perhaps the answer is to not overthink this stuff and POST! Perhaps a side resolution for 2011 is to wipe my style slate clean and just do my thing. Cheers! I really want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! :)


Zara fur vest, Zara blouse, F21 paints, Zara leather boots, Chanel bag

I think I've mentioned before but those boots are awesome. I really like olive/military green too.

i miss yer outfit photos1 morepower love!

super cute! love this outfit :)

I love the boots. :D


I love how you've styled that vest. It's an item that has the potential to be "too much" but you're wearing it perfectly!

I know where you're coming from re: noise and content. Sometimes I feel much the same.

Anyway, all the best for 2011, and I'll see you on the other side of the new year!

Beautiful vest! I love how simple and chic this is!


Just a few months ago when I started my blog I thought it would be all about my personal style, whithout much of current trends... But the truth is that being a blogger, you simply can't ignore them, sooner or later blogging turns you into a fashion monster... which I HATE and LOVE at the same time! :o)
Enough! Most of all, just wanted to say you look AWESOME as always!


Gorgeous gorgeous outfit! I love the fur :)

Char x

have a wonderful new year dear ;)

i love your blog. this outfit is absolutely fantastic. you're stunning.
happy new year dear

I love this outfit, and I never find your outfits to be overly trendy or repetitive. So please, post the older photos!

Happy new year!

Fantastic vest!

Your look is always the best! Valeria

Ah! The wicked boots! :-)

Those boots are beauties. Been looking for the perfect pair myself...