I said "awww" out loud when I stumbled upon Mandy Coon's velvet "ginny bunny bag" on the Opening Ceremony site. Does anyone else have the urge now to take one of their beloved stuffed animals, add a zipper and chain, and throw it over their shoulders? Anyone?? Just like in our days of infancy when it was hard to part ways with our "blankie", now we don't have to part with our favorite stuffed toy. In fact, put your wallet and phone inside :)
I want! x
I want!


Aww bunny! I don't think I could DIY one out of my favourite childhood toys though. I'd feel like I was maiming it or something haha.

I don't know - the fact that none of my toys are finished in matte washed leather/black velvet is probably a bit of a deterrent. It's a neat idea for incorporating a bit of kawaii/kitsch into an outfit, though. You could work it!

I would carry it most proudly through the streets

fantastic photos. and that is such a cute bunny. me want too ..

Super cute! I love how they are black leather :)

If I could turn my childhood totoro into something that wasn't distressingly cute I would. I remember seeing Mary-Kate Olsen carrying this bag and loved it. http://www.scumbagclothing.com/bags/mary-kate-olsens-cat-bag/

Sooo cool!

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Initially these seemed kinda ridiculous to me but the more I've seen them on blogs the more I've started to come around. Maybe their ridiculousness is exactly why they are great? Happy New Year


I used to have a dog bag ,almost like this one ! They're so cute!

alexandra @

wow these are so great! definitely want!

I love your blog and style! This bag is awesome, not sure if I could pull it off but props to anyone who can!

Cheers from a fellow Bostonian blogger! -Julie

super cutee!

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