Having not shopped from ASOS in years (if I recall correctly, the last time was in 2007?) and under the false pretense that I had long outgrown their offerings, I was shocked when I found myself drooling over their entire White line (the other stuff, eh, still not so much). Just wow--they have come a long way since their "As Seen on Stars" days. I need me some classy silk, cashmere, and wool pieces. Wardrobe makeover, please.
those are lovely!
and haha, I shop for jeans at wet seal still, because of my short legs and because they're cheap ;)

That olive trench is really something.

Those first two skirts are fantastic.

LOVEE all of these looks! so amazing! :)


Yes, ASOS has definitely changed from their "as seen on stars" days -- for the better, for sure. I really do think they have something to suit everyone's taste. And the quality seems nice, too!

It is all so simple yet so striking and gorgeous!



I love White line too. I got one amazing dress from their current collection. I absolutely adore it!

haha I think they still do have those lame punk t-shirts, but at least now they offer a much more diverse range of labels. Their White line is just full of stunners!

OH MY! these are some AMAZING pieces. i fell in love with the white jacket. it's so chic.
thanks so much for sharing darling.
hope you're having a wonderful week so far

Love the white label asos do, i drool over it all the time esp love the white/gret coat in the bottom photo :) x

I would have never guessed that this would come out of Asos. The last piece is drool material :)

love the looks :)amazing photos
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You should see what's coming for SS11, Margiela type pieces, Celine-esque and even more ASOS White + Black... I think you'll love.

agreed, this is awesome

these colors are absolutely fantastic!

finally hatachi

I heard they have a US site now too, which is nice because I've gotten used to free shipping here in the UK. ASOS has definitely managed to rebrand and branch out trend-wise, it's pretty awesome.

Hahaha, I remember their As Seen On Stars days too! They sure have come a long way, the WHITE collection's my favourite too. At first I thought it was just a new brand they were selling called White, I didn't think they could actually make stuff like this too! :) (So happy they did though)

They do have stuff that looks awesome and is made out of what you want. I've discovered them just a couple of years ago, and they seem pretty the same to me.

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All looks are AMAZING, indeed! I'm in love with the orange and yellow combo!!! OMG!!! I NEED IT!!!


I do remember "as seen on stars" period. was really impressed by this line myself. fun to see you sharing the same emotions on ur blog as well.