Look what arrived in the mail! They're an impressive pair of shoes out of the box. The suede is gorgeous and they're seriously comfortable. The only downside: they're a little frightening to wear. One mistep and I'll be falling from 6'2"+. These are lethal platforms! Eep.
whoaaaaaa the shoes are way too gorgeous, but look at the heels!! hahaha..
i don't think i could walk on those, either :) :)
yes me too!! i wonder how other people do it!!! ^^

Whaaa! These are amazing! And a lot of respect for walking on these high heels!
Further, I LOVE your blog and your personality! You look so cute and sweet:)

They're stunning! X


prada heels are intense! i love them though :)

These are the most beautiful heels I have ever seen - The gold logo on the pink sole is the epitome of subtle elegance. Congratulations!

WOw those are just to beautiful!!!

OMG they are amazing.Aaah lucky you :)

These are deadly. I am all shades of jealous right now!!


What an excellent choice! I'm completely envious of your new purchase.


OMG.OMG.OMG! They're awesome!
I've just discovered you blog and it's so great!
I'm following :)


You are a woman after my own heart, I literally just drafted the same post (to post later this week while I am at IFB!) about a pair of Miu Miu's. New shoes just make me swoon and these are highly swoon worthy.

Oh! So impossibly beautiful!

Lovely shoes!! Now if only all that snow would melt away... ;-)

these pradas are absolutely perfect. nothing else to say:)

YUMMY! i can't wait to see how you style these. they are beautiful!! :)


oh-my-god! You are so lucky! How can I do for that the designer send to me some beautiful shoes like that? haha!

I WANT THESE! they are so delicious.
Prada I think makes some of the best luxury brand shoes. they are comfy and literally stay together for years! my mum still has pradas from 15 years ago and they are prrrrisssstine!
hope ur doing well :D

i will confess, i'm usually not a massive fan of Prada.
But those babies are soooooooooooooo gorgeous!


these were in an editorial I was looking at and all I remember is thinking I want! you lucky lady x

Absolutely beautiful - dream heels x

what a eyecandy!




wowzer, those are gorgeous.

clothes are cute

So beautiful! I saw these in an editorial a couple of months back and they have been on my wishlist ever since! Now I just want them even more~

wauw those are killer shoes, can't wait to see you wear them! x

O my... I want, correction, NEED those shoes!
Love them!

Love, Lisa

sooo jealous!!!

Omg, I am so tempted to run to Saks right now and buy them. They're so gorgeous, lucky girl!

These are so beautiful, I would be thrilled to own them.

i LOOOVVVEEE these! ive seen these pradas in a different style ..but these! amazing!! ughh jealous for sure! cant wait to see them on you!



lovely shoes!!


i would kill someone for it.. seriously :/

aaah they are such beauties! I'd never be able to walk in them but want them just to admire all day long! xxx

Oh my gosh, look at the heels! So so soooo tall. Love them, but I don't know if I'd be able to wear them, I'd probably get dizzy! Hahaha.
Love your blog. :)

Great blog! I just fpound it via Color me Nana, you have such a amazing style, and I love these shoes!!

pretty blog you have! i am a new follower!
you have a very awesome style. very parisian girl.
and i am in love with these shoes.
oh come on, what else could be better than miu-miu these days?


those shoes are beautiful. i can only imagine how model-esque you will look wearing them. i really look forward to your outfit posts with these beauties. and warning: i'm about to comment on many many posts because i just discovered your blog and am officially your biggest fan



Peroxide Blonde

I am in love with the first two pairs of shoes. If I can find them somewhere, where would that be? I need to have these :D

these shoes are a dream!
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