Sunday errands. Waking up to a large glass of strawberry smoothie (thought I'd clarify, in case you thought it's Pepto-Bismol, because it could very well be), and dressing in layers to brave the cold. Anyway, I'm wearing a turtleneck knit dress and leather shirt over it. My hair today was also a happy accident. Maybe I'll do it like this more often.

This post is mostly meant to be a thank you post. Some of you know that I launched a site about 4 days ago called TagLoudly, which lets bloggers like you host, share, tag and like blog photos. I've received wonderful suppory and feedback from early members and it's starting to make all those sleepless nights and Saturday nights staring into a terminal worth it. Thank you all again. Tomorrow, my blog and a few other lovelies will feature a post with an exclusive invite code to join, so look out!


Puffer jacket, H&M leather tee, turtleneck knit dress, vintage bucket bag, Abaete flats

Just started using the tag.loudly & REALLY loving it- you're ingenius!!

Beautiful outfit btw, I love that even though it's all black it's not faded into one black blob but the different textures keep it really dimensional & interesting. Just beautiful :)

i love your jacket! where did you get it from?

@ michelle

shanghai (i think). specifically where, i honestly can't remember. my closet is full of black down jackets. pretty much, grab one and go!

you even make sunday errands look so beautiful !

you look beautiful as always!
and i love your classic outfit so much.
i adore it!
tag loudly seems great, i saw their sites and you actually did a really great project!

Tried it and it hasnt worked for me :(
i tried multiple times. idk why..

love this look though!

love this look, that leather shirt is amazing! i saw your website from both dylana's and natalie's blogs, you are so inventive and talented! what a great site :)

Fashion Bag 411

That plant behind you in the first photo is so adorable - what kind is it? Would love to know!

that was a great ideia. I loved it, really!

You have an amazing inspiration blog.

xxx kissmequick

Love your hair <3

Wow! you created that! I saw it a week or so ago and thought, that is such a good idea. Congrats on getting it off the ground. I'll go check out the site a little more. Great pics also, perfect for this cold Boston winter. Thanks for posting.

Your outfit is amazing as always.. And your site is amazing! Really a GREAT idea! Congrats!

you're so welcome! i love you and your blog! so inspiring. :))



Your tagging site is just wonderful!!! :) Thank you. I used Kristy's referral code from Monochromic Chic :)

And you are stunningly beautiful. You look really tall :)