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that's hot. Already looking forward to what you'll wear with them.

clothes are cute

Zara always deliver goodies!!


I'm jealous! I've been calling my local zara store for over a months now and no luck!

Love 'em. Glad you were finally able to track them down :)

they're very beautiful. hope you can walk with them :) hihi


Lovely shoes, I was in Zara a week ago but they don´t have my number. I´ll try this weekend.
Caprichos de ana

everyone has been crazy for those heels! Pitty, that I dont like wearing heels(I know)

Ooh, you found a pair! I visited the Zara on Newbury more than once looking for them. I can't wait to see how you wear them.

I have never had good luck with finding Zara shoes in my size, they're always gone. BUT I NEED THOSE PUMPS!!!! :(

Looking fab, but are they comfy?

They are so femminine!


so good.

i couldn't find them in boston. had to order them off ebay with crazy shipping

simple heels and so classic! adore them

Love the fab classic heels!

P.S. Would love an invite code to tag.loudly. Really looking for a good place to tag all my fashion loving stuff! Hopefully you'll get back to me on that!



i really love these too! i need to check out my zara and see if they are kicking around still......i've been looking for the perfect pumps forever NOW......
hope things are well with you!

GORGEOUS heels- love them!


I think I'starting to need that shoes...


oh my gosh they're gorgeous! can i grab an invite code??

These are like totally vulgar and completely ladylike at the same time. LOVES.



These shoes are so great. You're right, such a classic. I love the deep cut in the front

I love these but unfortunately stores like Zara rarely carry my size (10/41) . I wonder who else makes an adequate version.

wow! WHERE did u find them?

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ooooh where did you end up finding them? love.