Finishing up on school requirements in time for a May graduation is what I've been up to these days. It fully consumes my days and nights. Consequently, blogging has fallen by the wayside. Wish me a speedy return to bloglife!


BDG jeans, Salvatore Ferragamo Vara shoes, H&M trench, YesStyle bag

Regardless of how hectic your school life is, you still look gorgeous and chic ;) Love the pretty blossoms - wish I could see something like that over here in Ontario.

Good luck with finishing up school! I can't wait til I finally graduate (which will be one year from now.. bummer!)

Looking forward to more outfit posts from you in June :) Happy Easter!

The simplicity of your style is so refreshing and classic, I love it! Good luck with finishing school! How does it feel?!

beautiful shot of the blossoms
and you look completely sophisticated in your outfit . good luck with school

timeless and chic! good luck with finishing up school :)))

you're adorable!

Good luck! And nice pictures!

good luck girl, i know how stressful school can be!!! working so late at night thinking you will never get finished. but you will!!! the flowers look so pretty and i love to see spring trees, so thanks for sharing. adore your trench because every girl should have one.

Good luck girl!!! We're waiting for more amazing outfit posts from you! :o)


happy Easter! good luck with finish graduation, and love the blooms photo, amazing!


Cute outfit!
Love the photo of the flowers

Cute trench!

great trench! and the photo of the flowers is lovely xx

You look pretty and that flower pic is awesome..

Good luck! And it doesn't hurt looking elegant while going through exams. ;) I've always loved your pure & simple style. :))

beautiful blossons!xxxb

crossing my fingers for luck!

looking beautiful as always.

Are these magnolias? I've seen them all over Boston these past couple of weeks, and they just put me in such a good mood. Good luck with the end of school, doll!

Sending positive vibes your way. Looking forward to your posts come June!

Oh the blossoms look beautiful! I hope all the work goes well for you, just think that it will all be worth it in the end :) x

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I definitely saw you last weekend while I was stuffing my face with super 88 goodies. Haha. Chic as always.

SO good to see a post from you! Good luck finishing up with school. Blogging will be all fresh and inspirational after the break.

During school I was also busy doing my projects. :-)

I love this look. Simple but timeless! I've been meaning to get a coat like that...

beautiful !!