Eep, second post in a roll using iPhone photos. It's always when I'm not lugging my DSLR around that I happen across pretty backdrops, ie an inviting bed of magnolia flower petals sitting peacefully in front of a gorgeous edifice. That is life.


H&M sweater, BDG jeans, Salvatore Ferragamo Vara shoes, Rayban Wayfarers, Chanel bag

Well, with the camera I'm using my photos don't get any better... :o)
Lovely and simple outfit!


Wow! That's not bad for an iPhone photo! Loving the cobalt blue!

The iPhone quality is actually pretty good! Obviously nothing compared to your Nikon, but it's good for quick snaps. Lovin' the blue on blue, you look fantastic :)!

wow, iphone? !
love your blue sweater x

The blue <3


iphone picture quality is actually pretty decent for what it is... love the bright blue!

awesome color on you!
damnnn that iphone has some great mega-pixelage~
xo Diana

hey, just discovered your blog and am lovin' it. You got great and very chic style!

I love the sweater! I'm definitely going to H&M's mens section next time :)


These are surprisingly good for iphone photos! And that's a beautiful color on you!

Nice shade of blue!

Love that color on you!

I love your photo and your style and you blog I love all !!!!I'M YOUR FOLLOWER <3
I hope you will follow me
with love

Great blue top!

Beautiful! Gotta love H&M clothing as well!

New follower loveee your blog!

You're absolutely right. Have you already tried the App Instagram? It's gorgeous!


beautiful pop of colour! and the picture quality is actually good ;)

you are so cute

i love ur outfit!!!!


love the top

Ciao Beautiful!!
I'm your affectionate FOLLOWER and I would love that you follow my blog ( if you like it ).
With love Little Sable

Love the cobalt blue.

Wow! That is adorable!
Loving the cobalt blue!